📘 Introduction to products

The products shown here are the items you make and sell (such as single beers, mixed-pack beers and even bundles of beer with glassware). The stock items you purchase in order to produce these products (such as ingredients, packaging, glassware, etc) are managed within in the Inventory section.

Creating products

In order to sell something in Breww you need to first create it as a Product. We need a name, code and basic price. More complex pricing can be managed using Price books from within the Sales section of Breww. Products are made up of components. You can add as many components as you need, and in any combination. There’s two types of component:

  • Packaged beer - These are beers you produce in Breww’s production section. You select the Beer, the Container type and the quantity.
  • Stock items - These are the items you purchase (managed in the Inventory section of Breww).

Here’s some tips and ideas on creating products:

  • You can add multiple different packaged beers to produce a mixed-pack.
  • You can add a packaged beer and a glass (a stock item) to sell a gift pack (and add the box as a stock item if you want to track your packaging stock level too).
  • For cans/bottles, if you make your container type a single can/bottle then you can make a product for one bottle/can and another product with a quantity of 12 to make a fridge pack - and price them accordingly.

Managing products

You can view a product and see all the basic details about the item, such as how many you have in stock, pricing and the components (see above). Additionally you can see all open orders (not yet delivered) which contain the product. Breww can track Locations (and Sites, see the settings section) for products which use packaged beers. We also keep a detailed audit log of all the key events relating to a product.

Product aliases

Sometimes you might want to sell the same beer under multiple names (or Aliases). For example you might do a Christmas special version of one of your beers or one for a local event or festival. If you want this to be identical to one of your standard products in all but name (and optionally price) then use our handy Aliases feature. Pick the right alias when creating the order and we’ll customise the invoice, delivery note and any cask/keg/etc labels so the customer never knows that you also sell it (possibly for less) under a different name :wink:

Product assembly (previously called transformations)

This form lets you assemble a product into another. Examples include creating a case of 24 x 330ml cans from single 330ml cans, or adding an extra ingredient to a cask or keg to make it into a new product. Cases of 24 cans can be made on-the-fly by configuring the product in that way, but if you want to pre-prepare a number of them at once, this is the tool you need.