Assigning mixed packs to an order

Mixed packs are a unique type of product in Breww, and they function a little differently from other products in Breww when it comes to assigning stock to a delivery. The key difference is that you cannot manually assign mixed packs to an order; they are always auto-assigned for you. For this reason, you will always see this tag imagenext to your mixed packs when assigning stock to an order. If you expand the product under the Stock required header in Breww, you will also see the following message:

This message does not necessarily mean that you have enough stock to fulfil the order or that no additional steps are required, but this will depend upon your stock levels and auto-assign product settings in Breww, which can be found in SettingsDelivery settingsAuto assign products. Mixed packs will always be auto-assigned to your deliveries, but whether this is possible is determined at dispatch and is calculated as follows:

graph TD
A[Do you have enough<br> stock of the mixed pack<br> already assembled in Breww?]
A --> |Yes|SY[Mixed pack is auto assigned]
A --> |No|SN[Do you have enough<br> stock of the mixed pack<br> component parts available]
SN --> |Yes|AM[Do you allow Breww<br> to Auto assemble smallpack<br> on auto assignment]
AM-->|No|MA[Mixed pack will need<br> to be manually assembled, before<br> it can be auto assigned]
AM --> |Yes|AS[Do you have enough<br> of the component products<br> and stock items available<BR> in their single format]
AS -->|No|IS[Do you have enough stock<BR> of the component products<br> and stock items available<br> but assembled into other products]
IS -->|Yes|DA[Do you allow Breww<br> to Auto disassemble<br> smallpack on auto assignment]
NA[Stock cannot be assigned <br> due to insufficient stock]
AS --> |Yes|SY
DA -->|Yes|SY
DA -->|No|MA

In principle, so long as you have stock available and allow breww to auto-assemble and disassemble smallpack on auto-assignment, you shouldn’t need to do anything and Breww will take care of the stock assignment for you.

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