Managing beers & packaging approval

One of the most important steps in Breww to be able to brew and package beer, is to create and manage beers themselves. New beers can be added and existing beers managed in Production > View > Beers.

When creating a new beer, you will be prompted to enter the beer style, beer code (used when automatically creating product codes), beer colour, ABV & any allergens. You can also enter the degrees Plato of a beer which is used when raising export invoices for a product of this beer. When creating a new beer, you will also need to enter BBE dates, both from packing and from delivery. Products can also be quick-created within a beer for container types already registered in the system.


Packaging approval templates can be set within a beer to ensure certain parameters are met before racking is permitted. To set a new packaging approval template, navigate to the beer in question and select the ‘+’ icon under the Packaging approval subheading. From here, new approval templates can be added from the dropdown box and customised to your requirements.

The number of packaging approval parameters is not limited, and you can select whether readings are mandatory or not using the ‘Edit approval required’ option within this menu. If you select to make approval mandatory, it will not be possible to package (rack) this beer until the approval is completed on a per-batch basis. When managing a beer, you can copy saved packaging approval templates from other beers

“You can also enter the degrees Plato of a beer which is used when raising export invoices for a product of this beer.” - Is this the final gravity of the product, or the original gravity?

I think this is the original gravity, but I’d recommend seeking professional advice on this if you’re not sure. Or maybe someone else in the community could shed some light on this? UPS have a handy guide that doesn’t make this any clearer :joy:

Because, in the UK, we use ABV, this isn’t something that I’m so familiar with, so possibly one of our non-UK community members would be more familiar with this. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

My guess would be FG for calculating shipping weights… but I don’t currently export, so not sure. I’m sure I’ll find out in due course.

Original gravity - for taxation purposes.

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