Managing your drink types (beer, sprits, cider, wine, etc)

If you produce multiple different types of drink, for example, Beer and Cider (or Spirits, Mead or Wine), Breww supports managing multiple Drink types.

Creating a new drink type

You can create a new Drink type by going to SettingsProduction settings → Scroll down to the Drink types section and select + Add drink type.

Then, simply name the new drink type and select the type of duty that is payable on this drink.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 09.22.33

If no duty needs to be paid on this type of drink, select No duty. And if Breww doesn’t support the type of duty you need to pay out yet, just select Generic duty, and please get in touch via feature requests asking for the type of duty you’d like to see Breww support!

Using your new drink type

Once you have multiple Drink types, you will notice that references to your original drink type, e.g. Beers, instead become references to Drinks, as they can now obviously be one of the multiple drink types.

You will need to specify the type of drink when creating either a new Drink:

or a new Drink style:

UK Alcohol duty

If you have multiple drink types set up that are liable for different duty types, the Beer duty tab on your main menu will become an Alcohol duty tab. From here, you can click through to all the duties that you’re liable for.

The annual alcohol production total that you provide Breww at the beginning of each duty year (1st February - 31st January) will be used to calculate your Small Producer Relief rate, if you are eligible, to all duties that you are liable for - so you don’t need to enter it for each duty type.