Understanding stock levels (quantity in stock & available numbers) for products

Breww gives you visibility over how many of a product you have in stock, how many are on orders which haven’t been delivered yet and the resulting quantity available.

In the case of multi-packs and mixed-pack products, there’s also a “Theoretical max available” quantity. Typically, this is the one to use on these items, but understanding how it’s calculated can be useful.

To explain this, let’s work through an example. In this example, let’s assume this relates to a multi-pack product of 12 cans of the same beer:

In stock

This is how many are in stock. For single-can products, this is the number of cans, as you’d expect. For the mixed packs, this is the number of mixed packs that have been prepared (assembled). This is 257 because in this example you would have told Breww that you have “assembled” the required 12 cans into a multi-pack. You can do this manually, but many people use Breww’s auto assemble feature to leave the component cans/bottles on their own individual products until you’re ready to deliver an order. If you had all your cans as “singles”, then this number may well show as 0, but don’t worry, this is OK.


As you’d expect, there are 5 packs of 12 cans assigned to orders which haven’t been completed yet (a total of 60 cans).


Simply “In stock” minus “Ordered” (hence the 252). This is 252 packs of 12 (i.e. 3,024 cans).

Theoretical max (available)

This is the maximum that you could possibly produce by assembling the components into their mixed-pack or multi-pack form, minus the quantity assigned.

Some of our customers like to have auto-assembly enabled, but also occasionally will prepare a number of mixed-pack or multi-pack products in one go to save this being done at the point of delivery.

In this example, this means that we have 252 multi-packs currently assembled, but could have an additional 48 if cans that are available in other formats were assembled into this 12 pack. There could be another 576 cans currently in Breww as singles, or possibly other pack sizes, such as a 24 pack, or even mixed-packs like a “Taster box” product.

Breww’s auto-assembly feature can be configured to allow disassembling a 24 pack into singles or to not do this and only ever construct from cans currently stored as singles. You can configure this to work how you need it in your settings.

Breww can assemble your mixed-packs for you, but will never disassemble mixed-pack products automatically.