How do I sell a stock item in Breww (e.g. glassware or t-shirts)? - Stock item products

Stock item products in Breww allow you to sell non-beer/alcoholic drink products like merchandise, pump clips and badges, ingredients, soft drinks and any other physical item (not service) that you might want to sell.

Creating stock item products.

Start by creating your stock item. In this example, we’ll use a branded pint glass. Head to Stock items, click the green New stock item button. Then, enter the details of your stock item. This is where you enter details of the item that you purchase in, such as the cost price to you.

In order to sell a stock item in Breww, you’ll need to create a product with the stock item assigned as a “Component stock item”. The quickest way to do this is to head to the stock item in question by clicking on Stock items and then the name of the stock item you just created. From the main screen for the stock item, click the Products tab, then click the green New product button and enter the details of your product (how you will sell the item).

You can then assign this product to an order as with other products. Breww will automatically reduce the stock of the related stock item when orders are delivered.

Stock levels

In the case of stock item products, it is the stock items themselves that control the stock levels of the stock item product. To increase the quantity in stock, you’ll need to add quantity via the stock item’s page or via an inventory receipt. You cannot add quantity via the product’s page.

If your stock item product is showing 0 in stock, head to the components tab of your products and check the stock levels of the components by clicking on the components name, which will take you to the page for the relevant stock item.

If you are just setting up and importing stock levels of your products, it is the Stock Levels & Batches importer which controls the stock levels of your stock item products.

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Is there a way to upload a CSV file of stock items into products that aren’t ‘Beer’ or do we have to individually upload all units as products?

I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to upload products for non-beer products. Once you’ve got your stock items in Breww, the above method is currently the fastest way to create a product for them.

Update Feb 2023: It is now possible to upload stock item products using our data import tools found within the Settings menu.

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Is there a quicker way to do this than adding a duplicated product and inventory item?

I’m afraid not, a product’s stock is either linked to packaged beer or a stock item in the Inventory section.

@harry-headford Matt is right, but having added the stock item, if you click into the “Products” tab, there should be a “New product” button that gives you a shorter form and makes it much faster to add the product than using the full form at found in the “Products” main menu section.

I hope this helps