How does ullaging lost beer work?

A note on duty and manual adjustments

The duty for a sale doesn’t become liable until the beer leaves the brewery (usually for delivery), so producing beer and manually increasing stock levels will never trigger any duty liability. This also in turn means that a reclaim is only needed if the beer was delivered before it was “lost” (for whatever reason).

If you reduce your stock levels using a manual stock adjustment (or stock take), and this reduces stock where duty has already been paid (e.g. it was previously returned from a customer), then this might trigger a duty reclaim. For casks/kegs, this will be done if you pick a specific tracked container that’s been returned. For other items where specific units are not tracked (by you - we track everything behind the scenes), Breww will look first for items where duty has been paid already and put in a reclaim for these (if there are any) before it looks at items where duty hasn’t been paid yet.

Ullaging lost beer

To make an ullage, when the beer is lost having previously left the brewery for a customer, you should use one of the ullage tools in Breww so that Breww can track this for you and save you time. When using an ullage tool, Breww will ensure the duty return is correctly updated automatically. This can be done in a couple of ways:

  1. Go to ContainersActions & toolsUllage a container, find the customer, and mark the correct container as ullaged.
  2. If you’re making a container collection, it’s usually easiest to go to the customer, then Containers in trade & uplift orders tab and raise an Uplift order. This uplift order will be scheduled into a date and can be added to a delivery run. The driver can then confirm the collection of the containers and which (if any) are needing to be ullaged (along with the ullage volume in Litres).

If you sell a container of beer to a customer (and deliver it to them), then the duty will be added to your return for this. If they then return the beer for some reason, but it’s not actually lost and can be re-sold, you should use the Return items button on the original delivery. This will bring the container back into Breww still full of beer so that it can be resold. At this point, as per HMRC’s rules, the duty cannot be reclaimed but Breww knows you have already paid duty on this container so when it is subsequently delivered to another customer, Breww will not add it to your duty return again. If in the event that it’s not resold and instead is subsequently ullaged, Breww will reclaim the duty for you, so either way you shouldn’t lose out on the duty.

Ullaging beer sold before switching to Breww

If you sold some beer before using Breww and this now needs to be ullaged, Breww’s ullage tool won’t be able to handle this (as it doesn’t know about the original sale). In this case, your best option is to make a manual adjustment to your duty return. For more info on this please see the “Notes & manual adjustment” section of 📘 Introduction to beer duty

Admittedly I have not looked into this just yet, but is it as easy to ullage part of a container, rather than a full one?

Yes, in both methods, Breww will ask you for how many Litres need to be ullaged.

You can also add your own “inspection” comments and customer comments if you’d like to record these details in case you ever need to look back at them.

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I’ve logged an ullage against a customer but the page states there are no containers out in trade with this customer so I am unable to select any containers to ullage. Any ideas where we’re going wrong please?

EDIT - I was mistaken; you can actually ullage non-returnable containers. Apologies! It’s only smallpack (bottles/cans) that can’t be ullaged. Go to Containers > Actions & tools > Ullage a container, and you should see your returnables and non-returnables there. The containers in trade will only show returnables, however.

The ullage and ‘containers in trade’ tools are specifically for returnable containers. Is the container you’re trying to ullage a ‘non-returnable’ keg or similar? Smallpack can be returned from the delivery’s page and destroyed using a ‘Stock adjustment’ from the product’s page. If you’re still unsure, please could you open a support ticket and let us know the order number and container so we can look into this for you?


Ohhh that makes sense, thank you!

Apologies! I made a mistake in my previous post, please see the edit above!

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Awesome, thanks Matt! And no worries :slight_smile: