How do I move/transfer product stock and stock items to a different site/location?

There are two options for moving products in Breww - move them individually, or move them in bulk.

Moving products individually

If you want to move a small number of different products, the simplest method would be to head to the product’s page and then onto the Locations tab. You’ll then be able to click the button highlighted below to transfer to a different site.

Casks/kegs and smallpack with a Breww barcode

Containers can be moved between locations (or returned from customers) using the tool at ContainersActions & toolsReturn or move containers. You can either pick them from a list or if you have a USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner, you can enter the scanned containers into the second tab on this page.

Additionally, the mobile app has a Containers tab (after Package and Deliveries), which allows you to quickly move containers by using the app’s built-in barcode scanner. Here, you can choose which site and location you are moving containers to, then scan as many containers as you’d like.

If a scanned container is currently with a customer (according to Breww), it will be returned to the location selected as empty and ready to be refilled. If the container is currently filled and at a different location/site within Breww, it will be moved to the new location and remain filled and ready for sale. You may wish to try it with one container first to make sure that it’s working as expected.

Multiple products via a “Stock transfer order”

If there are many products to move, your quickest option is to raise a “Stock transfer order”. This is much like a regular order as you can add multiple product lines to it, assign stock just like on a normal delivery and complete it in one click. It can even be scheduled onto a delivery vehicle to be optimised into a normal delivery run (or be sent via another method, such as by courier).

Before you can raise a stock transfer order, you’ll need to create a “Customer” account for the receiving entity. In some situations, this might exist already (e.g. if you run multiple related businesses), but if not, you can create a customer for yourself. This customer needs to have the Can receive stock transfers option enabled, which can be done when creating them or by editing them if they already exist (this is in the Customer invoicing and billing section of the form).

Once this has been enabled on the customer, you’ll see an extra button of New stock transfer order under the New menu in the top-right of the customer screen.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 10.02.27

This will then guide you through creating the stock transfer order. You can initially add the products required, but these can be adjusted if needed before you complete the transfer.

A stock transfer order will then be handled much like a standard order, and it’s important to note that this means an invoice will be raised. In some situations, you will want this invoice, so this will be helpful, but in the case where you don’t want an invoice, we would recommend that you set the product prices to all be free (you’ll still have an invoice raised, but it will be for zero-value).

A note on excise duty

With both methods, any applicable beer duty will be handled for you; for example, in the UK, if the products are duty-unpaid and they are transferred to a non-bonded site, an entry will automatically be made on your duty return for you.

Moving stock items individually

You can move individual Stock items by heading to Stock items and selecting to view a stock item. Whilst on the stock tab, if you then select the Edit location button, you will be able to transfer stock to a different site or location.

Moving multiple stock items via a stock take.

If you are moving a large number of stock items, then you can simply change the location of multiple items via a stock take. Our Stock takes in Breww help article explains how to perform a stock take in Breww.

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Hi there, is it possible to run a report on all the Locations changes/warehouse transfers? I couldn’t see one from the pre-built report section.


Hi Alice,

Thanks for raising this question on the community! Unfortunately, there is no report to do this at present, but I have just responded to your ticket on the same topic, and we may be able to create a CSV export of this information for you.

Hi Connor,

Hope you’re well. I didn’t have any ticket logged for this request, where did you email it in?
Many thanks,

Hi Alice,

Ah, it looks like you raised the ticket from your demo account rather than your main account, so you might not have seen my reply. I will re-raise it from my end to your main brewery account, and we can help you out with this.

This states that invoices will be raised for stock transfer orders - does this mean that transfers carried out via this method will appear in sales reports as if they are sales?


Hi Greg,

Yes, at the moment, that is the case. This is because we do have some breweries using this to transfer stock between multiple businesses managed in the same Breww account, whether that is a taproom business that is separate from the brewery or two breweries under the same account, but we could, in the future, build this so it doesn’t need an invoice but can still be scheduled with your other deliveries. If that would help, would you mind raising this as a feature request for our dev team to review?

In the meantime, my suggestion would be to have the order raised at zero value if you want to avoid it impacting your sales figures. We have tried to make that easy to do by adding a simple checkbox when creating a stock transfer order.

If you have any questions at all, though, let us know!

Hi Connor, thanks for your comprehensive reponse here. I’m not actually concerned about the value pulling through to sales reports, as like you say it’s straightforward enough to zero value any stock transfer invoices thanks to the way you’ve thoughtfully built the feature.

What would cause some problems, however, is product volumes and quantities being reflected in e.g. “All Sales” reports for these transfers, as this will create erroneous results when calculating things like average selling price from this data. Situations such as sending consignment stock to a third party site, to later be sold to a customer via an invoice, would really benefit from a system/option that does not generate an invoice relating to the initial stock transfer.


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Hi Greg,

No problem at all! That all makes perfect sense, and I agree that a version of this function that does not require an invoice would definitely be a good option. This is just the first version of this tool, but if you are happy to raise a feature request for Stock transfer orders without invoices, I am sure the dev team will be happy to review this as an option.

Thanks Connor, I have raised a feature request for this here.


Hey all, thanks for adding that feature in! It really saves a lot of time. Can I just check, is there any way to use the Stock Transfer tag that comes up on the order as a filter in our sales report? We’d like to be able to filter out these sales invoices from our current reporting.

And apologies can I also ask if there’s a way to limit restriction access on who can log stock transfers? Could it be separate from General Sales?

Hi Alice, thanks for your comments! When using the Raw data explorer and Aggregate data report builder, you can use the Breww QL filter to filter the Source, which includes the Stock transfer field on sales reports. This will allow you to filter out these stock transfer invoices when reporting. However, you won’t currently be able to filter this on pre-built reports in Breww. Are you looking to filter these out of a pre-built report, and if so, which ones? There currently isn’t a way to limit the access on which users can log stock transfers, but I can see how having control of this would be helpful. If you could raise this as a feature request, that would be fantastic, and our dev team will be able to review this. Cheers!

So, I’ve got a customer marked as " Can receive stock transfers" (it’s the Taproom), and sure enough, the option to create a New Stock transfer shows up for them. But there’s no option to select this entity as a destination for the stock transfer.
Am I missing a step? Does a new location need setting up?

Hi Jon, thanks for your comment! If you’re looking to transfer stock to your taproom, you’re correct; you will first need to create a site or location that represents your taproom. Once this is done, you will be able to select the taproom site when raising a stock transfer order (please see screenshot below). Let me know if you need any more help. Cheers!

Got you. Thank you. I wonder if setting Can receive stock transfers could auto-magically create a matching location?

Hi Jon, thanks for your reply and your idea! Currently these will have to be actioned separately, but if you could raise this as a feature request, that would be fantastic. Cheers!

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Hi guys, when will there be an option to bulk transfer kegs just like smallpack? Moving stock via a stock transfer order isn’t suitable for our operation as explained to Connor regarding spirit excise tracking and reporting.

Is this the kind of thing Casey?
Pallets for grouping stock and assigning/moving as a group - Ideas & feature requests - Breww Community