How to create sites and locations

Creating sites and locations

Creating sites and locations in Breww allows you to represent your business premises as accurately as possible and enhances the management of your stock.

  • Sites in Breww represent physical buildings.
  • Locations in Breww are subdivisions of Sites and allow you to have more granular control of where stock is within a specific Site.

Breww allows you to have multiple sites and locations, with differing bonded statuses, with any stock movements into non-bonded sites or locations being automatically entered into your duty return.

How to create a site

You can create a site by heading to SettingsSites and locationsNew site. You’ll be able to enter the following information for your site:

  • Name
  • A colour to represent this site in Breww
  • Default bonded status
  • Site group (Site groups allow you to group sites together and generate a duty return per site group)
  • When creating a site, you will have a checkbox for whether to Show in stock breakdown on products. We recommend showing this so that any stock at this location is displayed in the stock breakdown of a product.

Stock breakdown

If you have configured your site settings to do so, your sites should now be displayed in your stock breakdown on a product. This will reflect your stock levels per site, where you will be able to transfer your stock between your sites and locations. Our Understanding stock levels (quantity in stock & available numbers) for products help guide discusses how stock figures work across multiple sites in Breww.

For more on transferring your stock between sites, then please see the article below.

How to create a location

Upon the creation of your site, you will be able to add locations within the site. You can create a location from within the site by selecting New location. Here you will be able to give your location name and a Bonded status. This will allow you to have a location within a site with a differing bonded status to the rest of the site, for example, you may have a bonded site, with a non-bonded location within that site.

:toolbox: Just getting started with Breww? Once you have set up your sites and locations, you may wish to continue getting started and re-visit the more in-depth configuration options below for your sites and locations towards the end of the getting started process. Click here to move on to the next step of ‘Getting your data into Breww’.

Configuring your sites and locations

When creating a site, there are a series of checkboxes to configure your site:

  • Can be used to fulfill orders
    If your site can be used for the fulfilment of orders, then this option can be checked.

  • Only fulfill orders for linked customers
    If you would like the site to only fulfil orders for linked customers, meaning that this site will be overlooked if a customer is not linked to this site, then check this option.
    For more on this please see the article below.

  • Use site address on delivery notes
    You can override your business address on delivery notes, so that it uses the site address instead by checking this checkbox.

Finally, you will be able to select which invoicing details to use for this site via the Related invoicing/labelling details dropdown. This is optional and is used to allow you to override your general settings for the invoice to use and the Brewery name to show on stock & delivery labels. For more on creating new invoicing details, please see our How to edit and create invoicing details help guide. Any invoicing details set on a customer will take priority over what is set on the site.

:toolbox: Just getting started with Breww? Once you have configured your sites and locations, then Click here to return to the Getting started guide.