🧰 Getting Started Guide

It’s great to meet you! :wave:

Welcome to Breww. We’re thrilled to have you on board! Before we jump into how to get Breww set up, we want to say thank you for choosing Breww; we know choosing a software package to run your business is not a small decision and getting started or switching over can seem like an overwhelming task (Don’t worry we’ve got you!). This guide aims to get you set up and ready to get the most out of Breww, but every business is different, and we know you might have questions as you go, so we want to introduce you to your Breww support channels.

Our Breww community

Our team here at Breww are continuously working to build on our great library of help documents and tutorials. Here in the Breww community, you’re part of a network where we publish new guides, answer questions, and engage with our fantastic Breww users. You can also share your thoughts on features you’d like to see added to Breww. We recommend exploring the community first, as it contains detailed step-by-step guides and valuable insights.

Support tickets

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the community, don’t worry! Our Breww support team consists of real humans ready to assist you. On your Breww account, you will see the “Need Help” section in the main menu on the left of your screen, and from here, you can raise a support ticket. Don’t worry; we don’t employ any robots to answer you (Sorry, robots, we’re all humans here at Breww! :robot:). Your support ticket will go straight to our dedicated support team, and a member of our team will get back to you with a speedy reply.

With all of the above said, we know you are keen to get going. Thanks again for choosing Breww; we look forward to working with you. Let’s get you set up!

Connor - Breww technical account manager :rocket:

Getting Started

Getting started with Breww is designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. A number of areas can be populated using our CSV/Excel Data Importers, whereas others can be set up easily from within the software itself. This next section is your roadmap to getting set up. This has been designed so that you have the right data at the right time to maximise getting started; therefore, we highly recommend following the guides in the order they are listed below in order to have the best and smoothest experience when getting started.

We also have a Breww glossary which may be helpful to refer back to if you’re ever unsure what is meant by a word you see in this guide, or in Breww itself.

:toolbox: Just getting started with Breww ? Our guides contain helpful tips on using Breww features beyond the initial setup. Look out for the toolbox icon (:toolbox:) in our guides—it signals information tailored for new users. Keep an eye on these tips as you navigate through our guide on the community.

1. Preparing your Breww account for data entry :pencil2:

Before using our bulk importers to bring your data into Breww, we recommend inviting your team and setting up some specific areas of your Breww account, which will ultimately make your data imports more efficient!

2. Getting your data into Breww :desktop_computer:

Before attempting any data imports, we recommend reading our Data import guide . This has also been linked on each individual import guide!

3. Getting ready to go live! :beers:

You’re almost there! Just a few more steps to go until you’re up a running! These steps should be carried out just before you plan to go live to get the most accurate picture of your business for when you hit go!

4. Making Breww your own :breww:

These last few steps are optional, and whether you set these up will all depend on how you are planning on using Breww. We recommend implementing these features to help get the best out of Breww!

You’re ready to go! :tada:

You should now be up and running with your Breww account - with plenty more great features to discover! Feel free to explore the Help docs & tutorials section of our community for many more helpful guides on how to get the most out of your Breww account. A good place to visit next would be the Introduction to Breww guide, which includes some extra bedtime reading to help you as start using Breww :open_book: ! If you can’t find what you are after in the community, then please reach out via a support ticket, and the support team will be happy to help! Happy Brewwing!

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