Inviting your team to Breww/ granting a new user access

Breww does not charge per user, allows you to add multiple new users to your Breww account with no extra charge, and gives flexibility on what areas of Breww you allow invited users to access.

What is a user account in Breww

In Breww, a user account refers to a personal account created by an individual using their email address. This account is associated with the users’ email rather than a specific brewery.

When someone is invited to join a brewery on Breww, they use their user account to access that brewery. However, the user account itself is distinct from any specific brewery and can be used across multiple breweries within the Breww platform if they are invited to join others.

If you remove their access to your brewery, they can still log in to Breww, but they won’t be able to access your brewery or its data. However, if they’re part of another brewery, they will still have access to that one even after losing access to yours.

Inviting a new user to join your brewery

New users can be added by heading to SettingsInvite new users . Here, you can add the new user’s email address and assign a user group from the following:

  • Beer duty
  • Brewery admin
  • Deliveries
  • Production
  • Reporting
  • Sales
  • Settings

The user group assigned at this stage represents their primary group. If the user needs access to multiple groups, for example, sales and production, an admin can give further permissions once the user has been created. Once the details are filled in, you can hit Send invite.

The new user will receive an invitation email from Breww, where they will have two links:

  1. A link to create a Breww account using their email address. This is entirely separate from the brewery that has invited the new user, as the new user will need a unique Breww account before they can accept an invite to a brewery. Once their account is created they will see the invite.

  2. If a user has already created a unique account with Breww using their email address, they can select the second link, which is the invitation to join the brewery with the access you granted them.

When the user accepts the invite, they will be asked to enter a verification code which is within the email sent to them. Be aware invites to expire, and if the user tries to accept after the invite expires, it will not work, and an admin will need to send a new invite.

:warning: If a user receives an error message saying that they already have an account, this will mean that the email they used has already been registered with Breww. So as long as they have access to this email, they should be able to use the forgotten password feature when attempting to log in to gain access to their Breww account, and they will then be able to accept the invite linked.

Upon acceptance of the invitation sent, you will see their profile appear in SettingsUser & security settings. Selecting their profile will give you an overview of what areas of Breww they currently have access to and options to add other user groups and permissions to their profile. Manage user’s groups will allow you to give the user access to the related content for that group within Breww, whereas Manage users additional permissions will allow you to assign a more specific set of permissions to the user. By selecting brewery admin, they will automatically get full use of all these areas.

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Recently stepped into the role of Customer Account Manager and I’m looking to be granted access to the drop down menu for Sales performance by team member, I look after Off Trade so (Garrett Harrison).



Hi Brian, thanks for your comment! An admin user can grant you access by heading to SettingsUsers & security settings, selecting your user profile, and adding the additional permission of View all dashboard sales data. This will allow you to use the filter by sales person drop-down.