Stock Transfer Orders w/o Raising Invoices

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Whilst the new “Stock Transfer Orders” feature is a great step forward, it would be much improved with an option to not have invoices raised in the process. For example, when moving consignment stock to a third party site ahead of invoicing to a customer at a later date, having an initial invoice raised to reflect the transfer - even at zero value - is unnecessary, and causes issues with reporting. When these extraneous invoices are included in reports, with associated product quantities and volumes (e.g. in the “All Sales” report), they badly skew the data and any analysis conducted related to product/volume sales (e.g. when calculating average selling prices.)

Until such a tweak can be made, we regrettably won’t be able to make use of the feature at all due to this potential impact on reporting, and will have to continue to manage stock movements individually via the “Locations” tab on product pages, which is far from ideal.


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Thanks, Greg, we totally understand. There are situations where an invoice is required, so we’re happy with the basic premise of how this feature was implemented, but allowing for an invoice to not be raised would be a great improvement.

If anyone else would find this useful, please give this thread a vote :+1:

Yeah i would also find this useful. I have been pushing for this warehouse change for a while now so super happy to see it has been done but as with Greg, i wont be able to use it without the option to transfer between sites without it showing up as a sale.

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Also voted, we would like an option for moving consignment stock that shows on the deliveries system and doesn’t impact sales/invoicing etc. Something that could be scheduled in advance rather than the location movement.
Even if this new bulk stock transfer method didn’t raise an invoice would you then be able to invoice these products to the final consignment customer from another “customer” record?
Currently we have the final customer set for fulfilment only from the “consignment stock” site.

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Also voted, stock transfers showing in total sales volume is really throwing out our totals when looking at the ‘All Sales’ report. Exporting, removing the stock transfers in Excel and then totalling the volume column gets us an accurate figure but would be great if this could be done easily in a couple of clicks on Breww.


Agreed, the requirement is an extra step that shouldn’t be required and it distorts reporting.

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