Pallets for grouping stock and assigning/moving as a group

This feature request is for Breww to add support for pallets.

  • Stock of products can be group together into a “Pallet”.
  • Entire pallets of stock can be assigned to deliveries in one go.
  • Entire pallets of stock can be moved to different locations/sites in one go.
  • Pallets will have a barcode label generated which can be scanned for assigning to delivery or moving.
  • General management of which stock is part of a pallet, adding items to a pallet, removing items, etc.

This feature has been asked for lots of times before but never put forward here on the community to gain votes, so if you’d like this, please give it a vote with the button in the top-left.


Hi Luke, I really like the sound of this. Ideally the user would get the option to make up a pallet as beer is racked so that pallets don’t need to be broken down, kegs serial numbers logged and reassembled. That way the user is only scanning the keg once and heavy lifting is kept to a minimum.


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We’d also like to use this feature for referring to pallets of trackable containers in the warehouse by a single point of reference – whether that’s a scannable barcode or a pallet description.

Example – during stock take and there are 54 kegs of product X, all detailed in lines on my stock report – instead of ticking each container, how about we get to scan 3 barcodes (each one referring to the 18 individual containers on a pallet)?

When looking for a trackable container on a stock discrepancy, it would be easier to scan 5 barcodes than to wade through 90 back breaking 50 litre kegs, to find a single item.

In racking, rather than have to unload 8 or 9 pallets to stock check them we could scan the barcodes for those pallets and know which containers are on there – keeping the barcodes on a sheet at ground level, right? And the sheet moves with the pallet around the warehouse?

Being able to group containers by a single entity would be really useful.

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i’ve been thinking about the pallet label thing… and what other things it could do:

  • how about when you dispatch a container that is included within a pallet it would subtract that container from the grouped pallet automatically?
  • definitely allow pallet labels to be scanned for stock taking purposes
  • allow a pallet label or group to be editable… so we can add or subtract items from a grouped pallet
  • allow a pallet label to be deleted

pretty sure you’ve covered those items under the catch-all of general management but just wanted to make sure i covered some specific points - thanks

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This would mean building out stocktaking functionality in the app unless you use 3rd part software and then have to feed it all back in to Breww. The idea of being able to scan stock in a stocktake directly into an active count in Breww would be the dream though right…

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That really would be the dream :wink:

@thomas-jack, I can see that you’ve voted for Improve stock take to allow a web (non-CSV) based solution already, but for anyone else dreaming of this, a vote over there would be great!

These two projects certainly would go well together!

Great news everyone, this feature is now live :tada:

You can find out more about taking advantage of the new functionality in our Pallet management in Breww help guide.

Thank you to everyone who voted and contributed to this, and, as always, if you have any feedback, please let us know!


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