Group returnable containers in a stock take

Useful if you have a large number of palletised tracked containers, and need to perform a stock take without dismantling them to check individual container codes.

I’m not sure how possible this will be.

If Breww thinks you have 10 tracked containers filled, then you do the stock take and confirm there are 9, which of the 10 do we remove from stock?

If Breww thinks you have 10 tracked containers filled, then you do the stock take and confirm there are 11, which empty container do we fill with beer?

If anyone has any suggestions, please put them forward, but otherwise, we may need to close this as impossible. Thank you.

we also have the concept that, during stocktake, should there be any discrepancy, we’d adjust in/out of stock 10 items of one product but without knowledge of their individual container ID. Given that we potentially have 300+ kegs of a batch/sku, it would be unrealistic to disassemble all that stock to note barcodes and find the missing/extra ones, during a stocktake? Is it possible to adjust the stock without referencing the container ID?

Would it be possible as a halfway house if this is indeed “impossible” to somehow allow us to print a barcode for a pallet - which in turn would contain the identities of the containers on that pallet so, for example, during stocktake or stock discrepancies, we could quickly scan a barcode which would account for the containers as a group ? If, for instance, there was a stack of pallets with 40 kegs on each pallet, simply scanning 4 or 5 barcodes could account for up to 200 individual containers and the “group” or “pallet” barcodes can stay with those full pallets until such point they are being “picked” and broken down?

Sorry for the slow response, Jason, the last-minute huge duty changes by the government have taken up a lot our time and were completely unexpected!

I’m afraid that I cannot think of a good way (but I’m open to suggestions) of grouping tracked containers, as we would have to just guess which container was emptied/filled on a quantity change. If we guessed the wrong container (which is highly likely), then this would cause you problems down the line when it comes to racking and assigning them to deliveries.

Using non-returnable containers would, however, not have this limitation (although then you don’t get the same level of tracking of their locations/uplifts), and the stock take tool already supports grouping these.

It sounds like using pallets would solve this for you :smile: which is great news as this is already a project that we plan to do soon and would come with lots of other benefits (including assigning entire pallets to a delivery to reduce scanning at that stage). Please could you vote for the pallets feature request and we’ll use that as the solution for both the stock take too:

If you can get others in your team to vote for the pallets feature too, this will help make sure it’s high on the list :+1:

For the above reasons, I’m closing this in favour of Pallets for grouping stock and assigning/moving as a group as a better solution for the same original problem (with loads of other benefits too).

Thanks for talking this through and helping us to make Breww even better.