Stock transfer between sites/contract brewers/offsite packagers on delivery schedule (Stock Movement Documents)

The ability for stock transfers to be integrated into the deliveries area in Breww, allowing the different products to be on the pick list etc.

I know we can account for stock movement using the stock take tool.
However, often I need to move stock (finished products or inventory) and it is not an automatic action.
Example would be sending ingredients to a contract brewery. In this case I would like to have a traceable document to go with the items and effectively moving the items once posted.
It would work just like placing an order but generating only a delivery note and not a sale listing origin and destiny, items, quantity and lots where applicable.

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Thanks Felipe. This is useful information so thanks for putting this forward. I’ve merged this with a related request as the two ideas would work well together. Could you give this a vote with the button in the top-left to push it up the priority list?

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We frequently send beer to offsite packagers for bottling and find the system good for traceability when doing this. Is there anyway this could be taken one step further and generate a delivery note with the required documentation from HMRC when dealing with the batch?
See the link below with info required. We only currently need simplified procedures, point 4.

If this is doable it would really reduce admin time!


The two bottlers we use require the transit document be on their form. We’re the ones sending it, so I think it’s down to us really, but there you go.

Thanks Kieran for this and Jon, that’s useful information too. If it needs to be on their form, as you say, this isn’t really likely to be feasible, but for a Breww-managed form this could certainly be done.

I’ve merged this thread with another related thread to keep all the votes in one place.

Are you going to do anything about this please? It really wouldn’t be that difficult - the documentation just needs to follow the HMRC guidance as a follows:

'Your normal commercial dispatch documents will be suitable if they contain all the following information:

  • a unique reference number
  • your name and address
  • the name and address of the consignee
  • the destination address
  • a statement that the beer is in duty suspension
  • a description of the beer (that is, product name), the quantity, strength and package size and the date of dispatch from your registered premises

If the beer being moved is small brewery beer which you’ve produced, you must include either the following statement, certifying that beer is ‘small brewery beer’, on the eAD or a certificate of eligibility with any commercial documentation.

‘It is hereby certified that the beer described is ‘small brewery beer’ in accordance with either section 36C or section 36E of the Alcoholic Liquor Duties Act 1979 with an annual production of [insert] hectolitres of beer’.

Thanks for the extra information, Rod; that’s really useful. If you’d like to see this functionality in Breww, I’d suggest giving this thread a vote too as the number of votes is a major factor in our prioritisation process.

For more information on how we manage feature requests, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙

Is this being introduced? We have 2 warehouses onsite and have to keep them separate, but are required to move finished products between warehouses before selling.

We cannot upload CSV files each time as this is too time consuming and only allowing users to select 1 item at a time isn’t practical. I would say 80% of people on this platform have more than 1 location and would benefit from this function being introduced.

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