Allow stock transfer orders to include "Stock items" that don't have "Products"

Having the ability to create a bulk stock transfer in a similar way to an order/invoice. It would also be useful to be able to build up with transfer with various items over time, with the ability to hold the transfer in ‘draft’ until complete and ready for confirmation. This could also link in with the existing feature request to include stock movements in the Deliveries dashboard.


definitely something we would use - as stock arrives at our warehouse each day, it could be a mix of products and pack types that we’d need to transfer in each time - it would rarely be a single SKU or item. Thanks


Following the completion of Stock transfer between sites/contract brewers/offsite packagers on delivery schedule (Stock Movement Documents) I’ve adjusted this thread to be for specifically the option to transfer stock items that don’t have products set up as the work done for the other project has otherwise covered this.

I’ll also merge another thread below, which equates to the same request to keep all the votes in one place.

We have multiple sites & occasionally have to move both inventory items (hops, containers .etc.) & finished product (usually kegs/cans .etc. to distro warehouse) - we can move these around individually within Breww, but would find it really helpful if there could be some sort of internal request & delivery system to make this a bit easier.
I envisage this working with a sort of internal sales order that slots into deliveries (and proposed incoming deliveries).

Some use examples would be -

Brewery A being able to raise an internal request for ingredients, that would then be pushed to the deliveries to be loaded onto one of our vehicles on the next area run. This could be assigned with the batch numbers for traceability, then when received moved within breww.

Brewery A being able to dispatch a couple of pallets of kegs to distro warehouse, again with assigned keg numbers, that are then moved internally when received.


Thanks Steve, this sounds great. Just linking to the Incoming Deliveries thread too :+1:

As always, can anyone else who would find this useful, please give this a vote.

This is probably only possible if no invoice will be raised (as otherwise, what is the “selling price”, weight, HS code (if sold internationally), accountancy account/nominal code, etc, of the stock items?)…

So, I’m linking this to Stock Transfer Orders w/o Raising Invoices to as they may need to be done in conjunction.