Incoming Deliveries

I’ve been mulling over the idea of incoming deliveries in breww, and would like to suggest the idea of incorporating this into the deliveries section, as a separate tab.

I’m not sure how others do it, but warehouse staff here are mostly looking at the Deliveries section of breww, however they are also dealing with incoming deliveries where the admin is tucked away in the inventory section.
I think it would be helpful if in this incoming delivery tab you could easily view which PO’s you were expecting delivery for for that day, and then be able to generate an inventory receipt directly from here. This would help staff manage their daily tasks, whilst also better flagging up orders that hadn’t been received faster.

We have multiple sites, and it would also be good if internal movements could be shown here too, so it was known when to expect these also (I’ll raise a separate request related to that).

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Thanks Steve, this sounds like a great suggestion to me! Please can anyone else who would find this useful give it a vote using the button in the top-left :+1: