Delivery & additional costs to be allocated to product lines when uploading inventory receipts to Xero/other accounting platforms

In Breww currently when we log an inventory receipt we can opt for the delivery cost to be allocated across the stock items which is great. The problem I have is that when I want to process the supplier invoice the only option is to either allocate it to a specific delivery costs account or the default account. We would like to apportion the cost in Xero the same way as in Breww so delivery charges for hops would go to the hops account and for glass would go that account etc.
Our workaround at the moment is to have the inventory receipt post as a draft bill in Xero then edit it there which feels like extra work. It would be good to do it all in one place if that’s possible.

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Just came on to add this myself but then saw this post.

It feels a bit clunky to do things on Breww and then have to go amend things on Xero every time to allocate the delivery charges to the same accounts.

It may make sense to have delivery costs separate for very small breweries, but for anyone ordering a lot it very quickly becomes a very high account that’s difficult to allocate to any specific profit centre.

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