Tracking shipping/delivery costs/charges paid for by us

For certain clients we pay the shipping costs. Is it possible to have an option that would allow us to specify the shipping cost, and have Breww put that against the margin of the product sold, without it changing the invoice cost? Or perhaps, have it on the invoice as being paid for by the brewery (essentially free to the customer but not to us), so we can better track margins?


Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion here. I’ll have a chat with the team about this one and get back to you with any progress.


There isn’t currently a way to set a cost price for a delivery to correct the margin, Breww believes all delivery charges is 100% margin, and it isn’t possible to run a margin report without including the delivery charge. All margin reports are essential wrong, if you charge delivery, and not much use for analysis.
Can we please add a feature to input delivery costs to the delivery charge structures, so margin reports become accurate, and a great tool.

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Thanks for the great suggestion. I’m sure this will get lots of votes and push it up the list. If anyone else would find this useful, please vote for it using the button in the top-left.

I’m linking this one to the related topic:

As suggested on the other thread, the delivery cost when using your own vehicles could even use the driving distances in miles (if you have the Advanced Deliveries addon).

Bumping this one up ! Delivery costs for our webshop and smaller trade customers are a significant proportion of the cost of making that sale, this is a much needed improvement !

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Thanks for the bump, Alex. If you can get anyone else in your brewery to vote for this too, that will push it up the list on the main page too and certainly help it get done sooner :wink: