Limit available product count to a single production site (available stock per site)

Would it be possible to have certain site locations not be included as ‘available’ product stock when preparing a sales order?

What we’d like to have is our remote warehouses, where moving stock on a daily or per order basis is impractical, be included in our total stock count, but not as part of our available count for our sales team. Essentially so they can’t confirm orders where the stock is not yet available at our main sales/shipping location.

Currently you can specify the default site location for POs, but would it be possible to add additional specifications, such as locations that stock can be sold from, and locations where stock can only be held / transferred?

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion. This would be a great feature for many applications.
We’re planning to implement a feature to handle this, and hoping we’ll be able to do this within the next couple of months. I’ll add another vote to the task on your behalf, and let you know when it’s done.


We have 2 locations for stock of products - brewery main which is the bonded store and shop & tap which is an un-bonded store. We transfer stock as required for use in the shop & taproom. Looking at the product page it shows towards the top of the page the stock available, but this is the total stock in the 2 locations. From a sales point of view this could lead to overselling with the sales person thinking all this stock is available for him to sell. It would be better to show the stock breakdown for the 2 locations so they know that a certain amount of the stock is reserved for the shop & tap for example. I know you can see that by scrolling down to the bottom and choosing locations but that is an extra operation they may not do.

Thanks for the suggestion, Rob.

Yes, you’re right, this would be a great addition and is certainly something we will be looking to implement. For this to be complete, we’ll also need to link orders to specific sites so that we can calculate an “available” quantity per site.

If this would be useful for others, please can you give this a vote too, to push it up the list :+1: This will also open the door to syncing the “available” stock for a single site to external platforms (such as only syncing available “Brewery” stock to Shopify).

P.S. I’m merging this with a related request, so the votes are combined.