🏭 All orders & deliveries are now linked to a fulfillment site, allowing for available stock per site to be calculated

This is a big one! :tada: We’re delighted to announce that we’ve launched the heavily requested Limit available product count to a single production site (available stock per site) feature request from our community :grinning: and also Expand the "sites and locations" feature to handle consignment model :grin: Keep reading to see what you need to know…

If you only have one site in Breww, nothing important has changed for you, but if you have multiple sites, please keep reading.

In order for Breww to produce the previously-very-elusive “available stock per site” figure, Breww needed to know which orders would be fulfilled from which site prior to the stock actually being allocated to a delivery.

All orders (and their deliveries) are now linked to a “fulfillment site” in Breww. Previously you could view your deliveries on a per-day basis, and you now see the deliveries per-day-per-site basis.

Breww will calculate the best site to use for each order for you automatically and will automatically review this after each relevant change (such as changing the products on the order) and update the fulfillment site for you automatically if required. Please note that it will often take a minute or two after making changes to the order for the site to be updated. If you need to, you can also link customers to specific sites or manually force an order to be fulfilled from a specific site. More on this can be found at How to set which site will be used for which customers or handle "consignment" stock

We would suggest that you go through each of your sites, click the edit button and check all the settings are correct (there are some new ones). You can prevent a site ever being used for order fulfillment from here, if for example you have a site set up for a third-party packager or a contract brewer that you would never use to fulfill orders from directly. You can manage your sites in SettingsSites and locations.

If you are seeing orders allocated to a site that shouldn’t be used for fulfillment, simply edit the site to mark it as not for order fulfillment, wait a few minutes and re-check the applicable orders. They should have been moved automatically do a different fulfillment site. Please allow up to about 10 minutes for all orders to be moved to an alternative fulfillment site.

On product and beer pages, you will now also see your stock levels as grand totals (as was shown before), and also a per-site breakdown. You can hide sites from this breakdown by editing the site’s settings if you don’t need to see them here. Depending on how you choose to calculate it and how your stock is stored, you might also have up to three different possible numbers for the “available stock”. I know this sounds weird, but it will all make sense (I hope)! Depending on how your business operates and why you are checking how much you have in stock, you may choose to use any of these figures at different times. More on these figures can be found at Understanding stock levels (quantity in stock & available numbers) for products

There are more improvements to how Breww handles multi-site coming soon, but we really hope that you find these improvements useful :pray: If you have any questions, please post them below, or if they’re specific to your account (or we need to have access to your data), please open a support ticket.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and for being part of the Breww journey :smile:

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Hi Luke,

This is great news and should be a huge help to us.

For off-site beer packaging, are we now able to store packaging materials at the packagers, have them consumed from that location as packaging is completed, and then transfer the beer (duty paid or suspended) to a specific site?


That’s great to hear, thanks Alex!

No changes have been made to off-site packaging yet. We know that Link 3rd party packagers to their own site to allow pulling stock items used in packaging from their site is something that you’ve asked for and we will get to that request when we can, but it wasn’t part of this same project. The work on this project will, however, make your other request easier to implement, so is a stepping stone towards it :+1:

Is there any way to consolidate deliveries from sites into one run?

these eight deliveries will be on the same truck but I’m unsure if I can get them all on the same manifest.

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Could you make the dates clickable again so you go to the planned deliveries? Especially on the app this would be convenient.

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Yes. There are a few options available to you, such as making just one site able to fulfill orders, setting a default site (while still allowing both to fulfill orders) or manually moving individual orders. How to set which site will be used for which customers or handle "consignment" stock should explain the options and how to choose the one that works best for you, but please do let us know if you have any questions on this.

I can confirm that this has been made clickable again :smile: Thanks for suggesting this.

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