Expand the "sites and locations" feature to handle consignment model

We have 3 or 4 big customers that we sell to on a consignment basis. A lot of the big retailers use this model

They order from us, this stock gets sent out from us to their warehouse (duty gets paid at this point but the stock is still ours), and then we invoice them monthly for what they use from this stock.

The sites and locations functionality already in breww can nearly handle this already, however there currently doesn’t seem to be a way to limit who stock at other sites is sold to. If this was there, and there was also a way to make this stock not show as in-stock (Bizarrely we actually have more stock of some lines out on consignment then we have in our own site available to sell to others so this really distorts out figures) then that would be great.

Thanks for the suggestion here Ben.

I can confirm that this is on the roadmap to be implemented in Breww but I don’t have an exact timeframe for when this will be live but I will make sure to update you here once it is. To help move it up the queue, if anyone else would find this useful, please vote using the button above.

Hi Joe,
Do you have an idea of timescale for this? We are about to enter a large contract using consignment stock and this would make life so much easier.

@jacob-stewart FYI

I still don’t have a timeframe for this I’m afraid @sam-warren-close but hopefully I will have an update for you in the near future and I’ll make sure to update you on here once I know any more.

Hi all, I’m adding in a suggestion here to do with the recent Eebria Trade Integration.

If there could be some expansion to the warehouses/locations functionality to deal with

  1. Consignment stock where the duty is paid once the beer leaves the ‘warehouse’ but still remains in ownership of the brewery, as mentioned above.
  2. Separating stock within our own location to different fake ‘warehouses’ destined for separate customers. I.e. we’d like to separate stock available to Eebria rather than offering our entire stock availability. This would also be useful for separating stock that we’re holding back for potential TTO’s etc from stock available for general sale.


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Thanks Jack. Regarding your second point, we’re soon going to be building Limit available product count to a single production site (available stock per site) which has quite a bit of overlap with Ringfence stock for pre-order and should allow for limiting which stock is available for EeBria (or any other customer for that matter) :+1:

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Good news, as part of our major recent update, 🏭 All orders & deliveries are now linked to a fulfillment site, allowing for available stock per site to be calculated, you can now limit a site to only allow linked customers to use its stock. This should mean that you can now handle consignment stock perfectly in Breww. For more on how this works, please see:

Thanks for putting this forward @ben-harrison and for everyone else who voted for this :+1:

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