Ringfence stock for pre-order

Currently creating a draught sales order for the customer, but once racked it would be great to ringfence pre-ordered or pre-allocated stock.

Thanks Tom, I can see that this would be really useful :+1: We’ve some changes coming soon (expected late Q1) which although not directly intended for this, might well help solve this.

I’ll share more when we’re closer to having them ready and we can look at how they’ll fit with this and if there’re any tweaks we can do to make it better for this use case.

There’s probably also some overlap with:

If anyone else would find this useful, please vote for this at the top and add any comments :grin:

This would be helpful to us too. Here’s our use case:

Today we have the last few cases of a core beer left and we want those only available for retail sales. We’re packaging another batch next week and have a raft of trade orders we want to enter without impacting the availability of the last few cases of the current batch. Basically we want to allocate stock to orders from planned packagings.

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