Create "On Hold" or "Quarantined" product stage


We often use a “positive release” system requiring certain checks on a product after it has been packaged but before it is released for sales. It would be really useful to be able to flag a batch (or part of a batch really) as “on hold” and have it removed from the product totals that are available to sales which can then be released and added to the stock levels once the beer has passed QC.

There are a number of other situations this functionality would help with:

  • quarantine if there where there may be quality concerns
  • cask or bottle conditioned beer on hold until carbonated
  • beer that would benefit from a maturing period in package before being released

Is this something you would be able to look at including? Let me know if you need any clarification!


Hi Greg,

Sure - this is definitely something we can look to add! We’ve had a couple of requests for delaying bottle-conditioned from appearing in stock, and it’s useful to have a few more examples of use-cases for when we go to design and build it.

We initially were going to put a time delay on it, but it sounds like a “Require manual” release would be needed to cover all cases here - which is not a problem at all.

I think that should be everything we need - but I’ll post in here with any questions we have when we come to it!