How to rack beer for bottle/cask conditioning without releasing it for sale immediately

When racking (packaging) your beer in Breww, you can choose if you’d like to release this stock for sale immediately or hold it until a later date. This is ideal for bottle/cask conditioning, but can also be used in any situation where you would like to package the beer (rather than leave it in the vessel), but don’t want to immediately allow it to be sold or delivered to customers.

Note, for barrel ageing we recommend setting up the barrels as “Vessels” and leaving the batch open with the stock in the barrels, instead of using this feature. We plan to add special features to aid with barrel ageing in the future.

When racking, you should see an option like this:


If you choose to release the stock immediately, then you don’t need to enter a date or delay reason. You can also choose between either automatic or manual release. In both cases, you select the release date, and for automatic releases Breww will release the stock early in the morning of the date chosen.

For manual releases, the date is used to help with your stock forecasting and if you allow pre-ordering stock that’s planned to be ready for the future, but it will still be up to you to release the stock for sale manually.

You can check your outstanding (and historical) releases at Production > View > Delayed racking releases. Clicking through to a specific release will give you a screen with a breakdown of the release information.

Automatic releases can be manually released “early” with the Release stock for sale button if needed.

If you choose to reject the stock, this stock will be removed from Breww, all containers will be emptied and “Spoiled beer” records will be kept for you, in accordance with HMRC’s requirements. These can be viewed from within the Beer duty section of Breww. There is no “undo button” for rejecting stock, so please make sure you are not going to change your mind before using rejecting the stock.

Revoking stock already available for sale

If you’ve already released stock for sale, and subsequently need to put this on hold, you can do so by going to the original batch, into the Actions tab and using the Retract stock from sale into delayed release button, as highlighted below:


Brilliant guys thats amazing. That should make life a whole lot simpler for the team. Thanks a million. Can I just check if stock is on hold and someone is trying to scan a firkin to an order will they get an error message that says this stock is not released or will it just not scan? Just so I know how to brief the drivers.

Thanks John, we’re so pleased this is helpful for you and thank you for the feedback, it really means a lot to us to know our hard work is appreciated!

If an on hold container is scanned (with either our mobile app, or the older standalone barcode scanner process), the person will be shown a message somewhat like this:


Fantastic news! Should make things a lot easier for us going forward! Cheers.

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Hi Luke,

An addition to this feature - To be able to put existing stock into conditioning / on hold for sale would be hugely beneficial.



Thanks John, this can be done for an entire previous racking, please see the Revoking stock already available for sale part of this thread.

Or did you need something else? Thanks.

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Hi all,

When will the features for aiding with barrel-aging be added to Breww? We have two barrels on Breww we are using for barrel-aging, but have realised it is still affecting our pre-brew stock check as it is still open and showing as in-progress. Would saying the batch is completed and setting racking as requiring a manual release date be the best port of call?

We don’t have a date yet for barrel aging specific features but it is something that we fully plan to add to Breww (and before too long). You could use delayed racking releases, but that would mean moving the beer from the “vessel” to “containers”, and at we’ve not yet built Empty containers into a vessel to allow blending two different packaged products to make a new beer, so depending on what you plan to do with the beer you might not want to take it out of the vessel just yet. If these features would be useful for you, please can you vote for them?

If you’d like to keep the beer in your current barrel-ageing vessels but exclude them from the pre-brew stock check, you should be able to do this. If you go to the batch, and then to the “Brewing” page and go through each outstanding item and tick the box to mark them as complete, this will prevent the pre-brew stock check from thinking this stock is still needed (even if the batch is still open and the stock hasn’t actually be added).

I hope this makes sense, but please let us know if you have any questions on this.