Allow choosing of specific batches of smallpack stock to move between locations when auto-assign is enabled

At the moment, the “Auto assign smallpack” setting for deliveries will also change how the move of smallpack between locations is done. This seemed a good idea at the time, but in hindsight, it possibly wasn’t.

If you have “Auto assign smallpack” enabled, then when moving stock between locations, Breww will just prompt for a quantity and use FEFO to choose which stock to move. If you don’t have this option enabled, you are prompted to choose the batch to stock to move.

It’s likely that there are situations where you’d like “Auto assign smallpack” to be enabled, but want to manually choose the batches when moving stock. This feature request is to split this option into two separate settings. If you’d like this, please give it a vote :+1:

This is now done. @felipe-barreira you can find this new option in SettingsProduct settings, which should solve your request:

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