Mark vessels/tanks/casks as "available to rack to order"

Due to space restrictions we dont always rack all our beer, and hold a lot in racking tanks. This can be quickly racked “on demand”.

Currently breww (and hence Sellar front end) will show a beer out of stock when there is no racked product.

But we have the beer ready to rack, and it can be racked (to cask) to fulfil an order by the driver when picking his order. (we are in the north so “sparkler” dispense and there’s very little actual conditioning in cask). So we would really like to still to show the beer as in stock if there’s some available in tank.

Therefore it would be good to be able to optionally mark a tank as “available to sell” which would then add it into the “Theoretical max” of cask products. This would be super.

This is similar to something I’ve been chatting to Max about. We do something a bit different but has similar implications. We rack to cask but then some casks go into our cellar for racking to BiBs. The system can’t cope with this unless we do a dummy racking to bib but don’t actually make them. So I would definately but up for trying to find a solution

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Thanks Ben and John. This has always been a tough one to know how best to resolve.

Possibly marking a tank as “available to rack to order” could work here, but it would certainly be a complex feature to implement properly. Would this apply to ALL products from this beer or only some? For example, if a tank was marked as “available to sell”, could this be racked on demand into casks, kegs, cans, bottles, BiBs, etc, or only certain container types?

To cover John’s use case, we could potentially allow marking containers (casks) as “available to rack to order” and share a lot of the work done to implement this for vessels.

John, if you’d benefit from this, don’t forget to vote for it with the button in the top-left to push it up the list. And of course, anyone else who’d benefit from this, please vote too :+1:

For us it would only be certain products, basically anything cask.

One other way that it could be implemented, at least for us, would be an option to show “planned packaging” as theoretical available stock. Maybe this could be set on a batch by batch basis so that it doesn’t affect everying. But say I had a tank sitting there with planned 40 firkins and I have racked 30, I could tick a box to show the remaining 10 as theoretically available?

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An extension on this idea, which was talked about recently in a private ticket, would be to then have Breww automatically rack smallpack from the vessels/casks marked as “available to rack to order”, and then auto-assign this to deliveries. This would be much like the auto-assembly of mixed-packs/multipacks from single cans/bottles, but for automatically racking BiBs from casks/vessels.

If anyone else would like to see this extra, please let us know and give this a vote using the button in the top-left. Thanks.

Morning all,

Something similar to this would really help us with planning. The forecast availability of small pack racked to order is key to us. We ‘rack’ pints and BiBs in our tap room cellar. Setting these items to be ‘made from this product’ that then fed back into the planned forecast model would be a huge help. It would give our team much better visibility of what is possible to sell.

Along with this, the above selection of setting barrels to available to rack from (would need a priority order on these i.e. FIFO on stick in the location) would help significantly. The system could then automatically consume the net volume from the barrels.


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Thanks, Luke, this is really useful input for when we get to the planning & implementation of this request :+1:

Yeah something like this would work with us too.

So if we have the beer in tank (and create a certain level of it to be available in can) then we could hold pre-sales of this on shopify.

Which at the moment we have to rack them even if we haven’t racked them yet

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