Equipment logging/tracking for hire, rental, loaning, leasing, etc

We hire out equipment for beer festivals etc. Would be great if each piece of equipment could have a unique code just like a cask so that we could have an inventory of hand pulls for instance and these could be scanned onto an invoice just like casks and returned when they come back so we know where they are and who has them. They could also have a category of maintenance in case they come back and need maintenance and therefore are not available for hire again


Massively agree with this - we’ve been trying to work out how best to track our small single stillages and this would be the perfect solution!

Hi John and Frances,

Thanks for the suggestion here, we have further discussed this as a team this morning and think this would be a great feature for Breww.
This task it already on the list, but I will add your votes and further ideas to the development task.
I’ll update you here with any progress.


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Agree with the above. This would be a hugely helpful feature, at present managing our inventory of cellar items is not what it needs to be and having this logged in breww and managed as mentioned in the opening comment would be a huge help.

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Agree with the above - would be really useful for us too.


This would be useful for us too. If I could add in the suggestion to have the ability to add documents to the individual equipment page that would be great. For instance we have a maintenance contract on our chiller set up and I’d like to be able to store the contract documents on the equipment page so everything is in one place. Thanks


Please make this a feature!! massively helpful for installs/ lending out couplers/chillers/keggerators etc


Hi this would be a massive help for us as we are now being asked for Stillages along with Pin & Firkin sales all the time and its currently a manual process that is very time consuming! If the team have time implementing the same functionality we have for beer vessel tracking would be very much appreciated! Best Nick

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Thanks everyone. We have a number of significant projects in progress already, but this will be very high on the list after they’re done :+1: It’s great to get this level of feedback and votes to show what’s most important for so many of our customers - so thank you, everyone, for your input on this.


Not sure if this is too late to add more ideas to the function.

We tend to do quite a few ‘public’ orders where they order a cask + stillage. Sometimes this means we have quite a few bookings that overlap on the same dates around key times of year like Bank Hols & Xmas etc.

But rather being jut scanned in / out - could it be possible to have them assigned on a calendar basis?

So that we could make sure it was available for a certain date range ahead of time?

so for example we can book it out for a specific date range, and would not show as available if already booked out? But it could be booked out for other dates.




This would be a great help

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Thanks, Rick and John. We’ve not managed to start this project yet, so you’re in time. We’re looking forward to starting this, but it’s a very substantial project, and we still have a number of other things to get done before this is started.

I’m linking this to Batch Schedule to include equipment as well as vessels as the two requests could share some comments for getting other types of equipment to be shown on the schedule.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and suggestions… please keep them coming!

Luke - Just wondering if this has progressed at all? Been over a year now and has a high number of votes (in fact i think the highest of all requests). Just wondering how many votes something needs before it is actioned?! Seems any new features on Breww have stalled in recent times

This hasn’t been started yet. The number of votes is a big factor in how we prioritise tasks but it’s far from the only factor, so just because this has the most votes (of any currently-incomplete features) doesn’t mean it will be done next, but they’re a great indicator to us of what’s wanted the most and important to ensure we work on what is most beneficial, but there is more to the decision making process.

We’ve implemented lots of new features that were the most voted for at the time they were implemented, but once they’re done they don’t get more votes, so it can look like we’ve only built lower-voted features when that’s not a fair representation of the situation.

Huge numbers of features have been completed this year and I can assure you that we’re working on building new features faster than ever (the dev team is growing), so I’m sorry if you feel that new features have stalled, but I promise you that they most certainly have not. You can see our recent updates here which I hope clears up any confusion on how quickly Breww is continuing to move forward.

It’s also important to note that not all features take the same amount of time to implement, for example, one of the most significant features in the last few months in terms of dev time is the price book updates, but on the surface this doesn’t look like a project of the size it was. This feature is definitely an “iceberg”.

We will always keep people updated on the progress of new features, both on their thread here in the community and on, so there’s no need to ask on each one if there’s an update.

This would be massively helpful to us, too. I wonder if this is something you have made progress on yet?

We book out equipment to various customers throughout the year and it would be brilliant to track these through Breww. Like a commenter has already said, being able to upload documentation against kit too - as well as assigning them to customers - would be a a big plus.


Hey @jake-salter. This project hasn’t been started yet, and we have a number of major projects in the pipeline at the moment, but this is (currently) the highest-voted request on the list, so we should be able to fit it into the roadmap before too long :smile:

Hey Luke do you think there is a temp fix for this until you start this project? Like if we have mobile bars could we feasibly set it up as a “tracked container type” so we could assign a number and barcode to it and scan it out?

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Hi Justin, yes, this could work. You would need to create a beer (maybe 0% ABV to prevent duty implications), container type, product and tracked containers/barcode labels. You could then use the stock adjustment tool on the product page to add “stock” of the specific containers. You’ll probably want to use a cask or keg container type to help with tracking the individual pieces of equipment. You’ll also need a “beer batch”, but a single batch could be made once and re-used each time. Once an item has been returned, it would need to be added back to stock again with the stock adjustment tool.

It’s very much a workaround and far from perfect, but it should be helpful until we’ve got this feature implemented. If you give this a try, can you let us all know how you get on and any tips that might be helpful for others using this workaround?

If it was the right kind of container type couldn’t you scan back in like we do with casks?

Yes, but if you fill cask F01 (for example), then you can deliver F01. If you then scan F01 back, it will come back to the brewery as empty, so it cannot be delivered again. To deliver it again, it needs to be filled again (which, when this is “fake equipment”, would probably be best via a stock adjustment).