Batch Schedule to include equipment as well as vessels

Is it possible to increase the functionality of the batch schedule to a broader production and packaging scheduling? If we can (have the option to) add equipment onto the batch schedule (hop rocket, canning line, keg filling, cask washer etc) I can use the batch schedule calendar view more globally as a planning calendar. At the moment I’m using a whiteboard alongside Breww, which is pretty archaic when all this software is available!

Hi Kate,

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I can definitely see how this would be useful in Breww so if anyone else would like to see this in the batch schedule, please vote using the button above.

I will make sure to update you if there are any developments here.

It would also be incredibly useful to display actions like dry hopping and centrifuging on the batch schedule, similar to the way the icons appear on the production page for clean/dirty tanks etc.


Thanks, Neil. Additional stages in brew schedule (batch schedule events) might be worth a vote, too, as that’s specifically about adding events to the schedule :+1:

We are a contract packaging company and we run a canning line, kegging line and a bottling line. To be able to set up this as equipment and plan our packaging by each line is business critical for us. At the moment we have a complex spreadsheet we use for our operational planning which seems a waste when we have a system like breww to use.

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Great news, everyone :tada: This is live and ready to make your planning easier!

All types of equipment can now be included on your batch schedule and be “blocked out” as required by a batch. Simply edit any piece of equipment that you need to show and enable the new “Show on batch schedule” option.

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