Planned fermenters in batch scheduling

We often produce a split brew. This is where one brew goes through the mash tun and kettle as one, but then is split into 2 fermenters. We are finding it hard to use the batch scheduling function currently as we can only allocate planned batched to 1 fermenter. Is there anyway you could set it so that you could select 2? This would make it a lot clearer for our production planning.

Hi Kieran,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Multiple planned fermenters in Breww is in the pipeline and we hope to have this feature live late Q1 so I’ll make sure to update you on here as soon as that goes live.



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We’ve just released an all-new batch vessel scheduling tool which adds support for planning an unlimited number of vessels on a single batch and should be easier and more intuitive to use. For more information (and a short video demo), please see How to plan which vessels will be used on a beer batch.

I think this covers what you need, Kieran, but please do let me know if there are any questions on this, or if you need it to do anything more :+1:

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