Click on the Batch Schedule to Start a New Batch

I think that it would be much more convenient to simply click the location on the batch schedule to start a new batch. The form could pop up and go from there. There are just a few too many clicks. I think this would save time.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Landon.

There’s already a “New batch” button at the top-right of the batch schedule page. How would you like your button to differ from this one?

What should this pre-fill into the form? It could theoretically create a one-day planned vessel usage on the schedule, but you’d still need to adjust this to be the right length of time, add other vessels, etc, so I’m not sure this would save you any clicks or page loads.

We’re open to ideas though :smile:

In case you haven’t seen it, we’ve got this feature coming soon too which should reduce the time taken to plan batches → Automatically plan vessels/batch schedule based on recipe defaults

If I’ve got the wrong end of the stick I apologise, but I think the suggestion is that you could click the MT space for the day you want to start a new batch and it would open the new batch form (with the date already filled in), and just go from there. It only really saves one click I guess, but from a flow perspective when moving items around the schedule, it seems intuitive to be able to hover over the day and go from there (hope that makes sense).

I feel like we used to have this functionality, but I might be misremembering?

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No, you’re not wrong… we did used to have this functionality, but this was before you could plan vessel usage in the way that you can now. Previously you had to enter a batch start/brewing date so when you clicked on a vessel, this date would be pre-filled in the form.

Now, you don’t typically enter a start date at all when planning a batch, as you’ll draw the vessel usage on the calendar, and the start date will be determined automatically from this.

Let’s say you were to click on a date on a brewing system, would you want this to pre-select the brewing system in the form? It could pre-set the date too, but this would only be used if you then didn’t plan any vessels. This does seem like a good improvement to me.

If you instead clicked on a date for a vessel, let’s say FV1, then what would you like to see pre-filled in the form? We could make a 1-day vessel usage for FV1 on that date? But I’m not sure how helpful this would be as you would still need to click and drag this to be the right length of time.

We’d like to improve this, and welcome suggestions on how you’d like it to work. At the moment, I’m not sure there’s a clear right path for what would be useful, even though I agree that it feels like a logical flow to be able to click on a date.

We appreciate the feedback, thank you :+1:

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I was simply trying to make the creation of batches faster. BREWW is a great tool but when I create the next quarter of brewing days it takes a lot of clicks to make this happen. If you clicked on the batch schedule where you wanted this batch to start this would give the ease of just building out the calendar for a period of time. You could then go back in a very quick fashion and add the information necessary to create a batch in full. IF there was a batch duplication feature within this would make scheduling so much quicker. I use the schedule to communicate to all of the departments and to be honest most of them only want to see the schedule and when beers are released. If I could fill out the Gantt chart quicker for a longer period of time that would make it so much easier for our social media, design, operations, sales etc teams to get a quick glance at what info they need. The process for filling out a batch schedule takes a long time right now which is fine because there is a lot of important information that goes into their creation. It would be nice for a quick calendar creation set of tools and then I can go back and fill out the other things that are only important to the production staff.

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Thanks guys.

So we have Automatically plan vessels/batch schedule based on recipe defaults nearly ready to go (which is very exciting). We’ll look to see if we can get this to work nicely in conjunction with clicking a date on the main batch schedule calendar as this would be able to pass over the date and a suggested vessel to use.

I think this would make it far quicker and easier to plan batches. Let’s see how this works out in practice and then review at that point how we can make it even better. Duplicate batches may be really useful too :+1: