Automatically plan vessels/batch schedule based on recipe defaults

With the new vessel planning feature now complete, the door is open for further improvements.

An idea that we’ve had internally and was recently suggested by one of our great community members, would be to set the vessel requirements on a recipe and then have Breww pre-populate the vessel schedule for a batch for you. This could simply be a default when you create a batch and you’d be free to change it if you need to.

On a recipe, we’d ask for your vessel requirements. You’d be able to add multiple vessel requirements and for each, we’d need to know:

  • Vessel types applicable (e.g. can be a fermentor or a brite tank, or must be a fermenter)
  • Minimum vessel volume required (in Litres/US Gallons)
  • Number of days to be filled for
  • Number of days after batch start to fill the vessel

This would allow you to schedule multiple vessels, transfers, etc, without having to worry about specific vessels at the recipe stage. Breww could determine a suitable vessel based on the type, required volume and ensuring it would be empty at the time it was needed.

For example, the below would result in the batch being in a fermenter for 14 days and then a brite tank for 5 days.

Vessel type(s) Min volume required Days to be filled for Days after batch start to fill
Fermenter 950L 14 0
Brite tank 900L 5 14

If anyone would like to see this, please give this a vote with the button in the top-left :+1: