Fermentation and Conditioning days


When creating a recipe, why is there no Conditioning stage type ?

And when creating a new batch, we need to manually input Fermentation and Conditioning days. I would have expected the system to bring the duration from the recipe stage. Does this make sense ?


Firstly, hello & welcome to the Breww Community, and thanks for taking the time to post here!

This is an excellent suggestion, thank you! It should be possible for us to default these fields on the batch to a sensible number based upon the recipe, and then you’ll have the option to adjust them if needed.

We’ve a number of significant upgrades to Breww’s production module coming very soon, so I’ll look to get this included. One of the upgrades will also allow for the planning of more complex flows between vessels, such as splitting a single batch across multiple fermenters/vessels and the planning of more “steps” than just the fermentation and conditioning vessels. (It’s possible at the moment to do these complex flows/uses of vessels, you just can’t yet tell Breww that you plan do to this in advance of actually doing it).

We’ll update you when we’ve made some progress. Cheers

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Awesome, thanks a lot Luke

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I just wanted to follow up and let you know that in August we added some significant improvements to planning batch vessels, although it’s likely you’ve seen this upgrade already:

The next step (the bit about specifying these on a recipe) is going to be handled as part of the below feature request:

If this would be useful for you, could you give this feature request a vote? Thanks!