Additional stages in brew schedule (batch schedule events)


Is there a way to add additional steps into the brew schedule? For example, we sometime filter beer into another tank, and it can take several days for us to package an entire tank. Id love to be able to visualise this so I can keep on top of the constant tank juggling!

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Hi Jack,

Welcome to the Breww Community, and thanks for sharing a great idea.

Firstly for planned packagings - if you add these to your batches, Breww will show them on the batch schedule. When adding a planned packaging, you enter the date so if you know for example that you can only package 500 cans per day, you could enter 500 cans, three times on consecutive days rather than entering a total of 1500 cans. This would then be represented on the batch schedule for you.

For other steps/tasks, we’ve been toying with how best to do this for a while. We’ve been thinking that you could add “batch schedule events” to a recipe. These could allow you to pick an icon, enter some text and a number of days after the batch was first transferred to a vessel (typically the day it moves from the brewing system to the fermenter). We would then copy these from the recipe to the batch on start of the batch and allow you to add/modify them as needed on a batch-sepcific level.

These events could then be shown on the batch schedule and would allow it to be really customisable to the information that you’d like to show. You could add notes like “Drop hop”, “Filter” or “Start carbonation”, for example.

How does this sound to you? If you’ve any other ideas of how this could be done better, please do say.



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Sorry for the late reply, finally getting around to full functionality on our side.

Thanks for the info on planned packaging, very very useful!

Your idea sounds spot on for additional steps. I have already added “filtration” steps to recipes that require it, and to drop this into the brew scheduler would really help me work out what needs to go where and when.



Fantastic, thanks Jack!

We’ll update you here when we’ve made some progress on this for you.

Following the topic linked below, this could be further improved to allow “ticking off” completed events, and a list of outstanding events shown on the production dashboard, similarly to how “Daily batch readings” are shown.

Hi Luke, Yes this is exactly what we are after, a daily list of outstanding events on the dashboard with the ability to be ‘Ticked off’ when completed.

Excellent, thanks Rob. If you can give this a vote, it will move it up the priority list and therefore be done sooner. I’ll close the other request :+1:

This is related to Increasing the number of the tank status icons (Chilling and Carbonated) as the two could share information