Stock takes in Breww

Breww has an advanced CSV stock take (also known as a stock count) function, that allows you and your team to perform accurate and auditable full counts of all your stock whenever you need. The stock take process will update your stock levels to those you specify in your CSV, whilst leaving a clear trail of changes throughout the process.

The process is considered as a “wall-to-wall” stock take, where everything is counted and confirmed in one go, while no changes are made during the process. If you simply need to make a few adjustments, please use the adjustment tools on stock items and products instead of this process.

Although a good knowledge of programs such as Excel, which allows editing of CSV files, is not required, it can be very useful at speeding up the process - especially for businesses with large quantities of stock.

Okay, how do I get started?

To begin a stock take, navigate to ProductsToolsStock takesStart stock take. There you will have the option of choosing either a Stock item or Products stock take:

  • A Stock item stock take will allow you to perform a stock take of all of your ingredients, packaging materials and any other item in the Inventory section.
  • A Products stock take will allow you to perform a stock take of all of your packaged beers found in the Products section.

After choosing your stock take type, you will be taken to your stock take summary page. This will contain a file to download, containing all of your current stock. Now we simply need to update it, and re-upload it to Breww.

You don’t need to do both types of stock take in quick succession, although this is common practise, especially at “year-end”.

What do I need to change?

Next, you will need to update the CSV with your correct stock levels. Each row contains details about the stock and has a quantity column at the end. The process differs slightly depending on the stock take type (Stock Items or Products), so that’s been broken down below.

Stock items

For each row:

  • if the quantity is correct, leave it untouched
  • if the quantity is wrong, update the quantity column
  • if the stock you have doesn’t appear, add a line - filling all applicable columns

From just these actions Breww will calculate whether the stock has moved, been created/increased, or been reduced. When updating a line, you should usually only update the quantity column. The exception is when moving stock completely to another location, in which case you can simply update the site and/or location columns.


The Products stock take is slightly more advanced than the Stock items stock take. This is because, as you will know from using Breww, all packaging events are either associated with a returnable cask/keg, or they are assigned a unique ID called a Non-returnable number.

This means that it is possible you will discover stock labelled with a non-returnable number that Breww does not think you have. In this situation, Breww will produce a new non-returnable number for this extra stock, rather than use the old number.

This means that the process is as follows. For each row:

  • if the quantity is correct, leave it touched
  • if the quantity is lower, update the quantity column
  • if the quantity is higher, create a new line underneath and put the additional quantity in the quantity column. If it has a non-returnable number, remove it from this new line, and we’ll provide you with a new one at the end. (Note: If you have chosen to Group non-returnable containers you can simply increase the quantity column for non-returnables)
  • if the location is incorrect, reduce the quantity on the existing line, and create a new line with the correct location and quantity in that location (or if it has all moved, simply update the location and site on the row).
  • if the stock you have doesn’t appear, add a line - filling all applicable columns, but always leaving Non-returnable number blank.

Uploading the file to Breww

Once you have your updated file, you will need to upload it to Breww from your stock take detail screen. Breww will perform a thorough validation of the file before pre-processing it.

Once processed, you will be presented with all changes that are about to be made, so you can either approve them or upload an alternative file if you realise a mistake has been made.

Please review this to make sure you are happy - any mistakes cannot be undone once confirmed.

If you are happy, simply click Confirm, and Breww will update your stock! If the changes to be made aren’t what you anticipated, click Cancel and review your file and this help document to make sure changes were made correctly.


My CSV file has lots of lines, how can I speed up the process?

For businesses with lots of stock, you will find your Products CSV file, in particular, may have lots of lines. Unfortunately, this is the nature of auditable “wall-to-wall” stock takes. We’d recommend breaking up the CSV file into shorter files and assigning a location or section to each person or team. Then, once all are complete, someone with some Excel experience will easily be able to put them back together into a single before uploading it to Breww.

Can I change my stock in Breww while doing a stock take? What can I and can I not do?

The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t change your stock levels between taking the export and importing the result of your count, as this might result in things becoming difficult to track. Breww will always update your stock to match the import file at the point you import it, so in theory, you can add or remove stock in Breww between the export and the import as long as the import also reflects this.

You can also do the two separate processes of “Stock” and “Products” on different days if that helps with the logistics of completing the process in one go.

The following are the key actions that affect stock levels (and if they affect the “Stock” or “Products” process):

  • Updating the status of an inventory receipt to “Added to stock”. Will only affect “Stock”, not “Products”. (Other statuses of inventory receipts and all statuses of purchase orders will not affect stock levels).
  • Manual changes to stock levels on inventory items or products. This will affect whichever stock take process is appropriate to the item edited.
  • Marking an order (delivery) as having left duty suspense. May affect both processes, depending on the items on the order.

Things like placing an order (but not dispatching it) only affect the available quantities of items, not the actual quantity that you have, so these can continue to happen as normal.

What happens if I remove a line completely?

If you remove an entry from the stock take file completely, this will be processed in the same way as if you had set the quantity to zero - the stock will be removed from Breww when the file is processed.

Can I process the stock take in a web interface (as opposed to via a CSV file)?

Not yet, sorry, but there is an open feature request for adding this functionality at Improve stock take to allow a web (non-CSV) based solution. If you’d like to see this too, please can you vote for that feature request to help push it up the priority list?

Final processing keeps failing so cant update stock. What am I doing wrong? Only touching cells with incorrect quantities

Thanks for the message, Richard. Without being able to see the file, we don’t have a lot to go on, to be honest. Could you please open a support ticket and choose the option to grant the Breww team access to your account, so we can have a look at this for you? Cheers.