How do I move/transfer product stock and stock items to a different site/location?

Hey All - Is it possible to also set this warehouse movement to do stock items? That way when we are sending boxes/labels etc to our contract partner we can raise the movement in here rather than going into the item and changing location. This way we can have a delivery paper trail as well.

Hi Justin, thanks for your comment. Currently, it isn’t possible to raise a stock transfer order for stock items, but we do have a feature request for Allow stock transfer orders to include “Stock items” that don’t have “Products” that should cover this for you. If you could add your vote and any additional comments to this, that would be great! Cheers.

not sure if this is still relevant but theyve just launched this which is helping us massively!


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Wondered if you could help, please. We’ve utilised this method for sending product to our taproom site, which is the same business entity, and therefore we don’t intend to charge them. Of course, we’ll still need to pay duty though.

They have 4 empty kegs that I intend to return to the brewery as empties, but when doing so using the scan function on the app it just says that “container KXXX has moved (filled)”, not like when returning empties to site from ‘actual’ customers.

Could someone please advise on how I designate these kegs as empty at our main brewery site whilst also paying the necessary duty on them? I know we can manually empty the keg using the actions function within each keg’s specific page, but not only are the available reasons untrue I also don’t think you pay duty on them.


You still need to ‘sell’ the keg to your taproom after it has been moved.

Hi Will, thanks for your comment, and welcome to the community! Creating a taproom site in Breww will allow you to replicate any stock transfer movements to the taproom and view the stock levels of your products at the taproom site.

However, in your example, it sounds like the stock has not been depleted from the taproom site via a sale; therefore, when you scan the empties back to the brewery, these containers are still considered as being filled and are simply being moved back to the brewery site. In your scenario, it sounds like you will need to raise a standard order for zero value to a customer representing your taproom. You will be able to automatically have your taproom customer use your taproom site for order fulfilment by following the How to set which site will be used for which customers or handle “consignment”/”sale or return” stock guide. If you then assign the stock to the order, dispatch and complete this, your stock will be depleted from the taproom site, and a duty entry will be made (if your taproom site is non-bonded, you can also set this on the taproom site, so a duty entry is made on stock transfer, rather than sale). You will then be able to scan the empty containers back to the brewery. Let me know if you need any more help with this. Cheers!

Hi Ben, thanks for your response. Struggling to understand it somewhat so forgive me if I’m missing the answer in what you said!

I understand the principle of why the kegs are not registering as empty but by then having a ‘sale’ to be fulfilled from the taproom location to a ‘fake’ customer that is the taproom itself are we not doubling up on duty and / or VAT? Our accounts person is concerned by any queries HMRC might have for any zero-value sales that raise an invoice. Our taproom sales are through a different system that is separate to Breww and so are accounted for already through that.

Out of interest, were I to raise a zero-value sale direct from brewery to the taproom ‘customer’, whilst doing away with the stock transfer order altogether, could that work? If so it might be something our accounts team have to accept.


Hi William, thanks for your reply! Duty in Breww will be incurred on products in two circumstances: a transfer to a non-bonded site/location or through a sale.

If you perform a stock transfer to a non-bonded site, all the stock on that order will incur duty, which will be entered on your return. In Breww, duty cannot be paid on stock more than once, and Breww will know that this stock is duty-paid. Therefore, if you sell this from your taproom location, you will not double up on duty paid. If your taproom is bonded, your stock will be sent duty suspended, and no duty will be incurred from the transfer; this means when you process a sale for the stock, duty will be incurred. If your stock transfers and sale of the stock is raised at zero value, then your VAT will be 20% of the sales value, which will be £0.

If your taproom sales revenue is handled on a system outside of Breww, then the stock transfers to the taproom site and the sales from the site will be purely to see what stock is held at the taproom and calculate duty. You may find our Taproom & POS management in Breww help article helpful, which discusses taproom management in more detail. If you use a POS that is not integrated with Breww, some users choose to run a sales report on their POS at the end of the day/week, and raise an order for the value in which the products were sold.

Yes, you could handle this the way you have suggested if you do not need the stock levels represented at the taproom site, and you could sell this at zero value to the taproom to deplete the stock and handle the duty. Again, your VAT will be 20% of the sales value, so this would be £0, but presuming you are using a POS system to handle the actual taproom sales, you will, of course, be incurring VAT on those sales on the POS system. Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!

Thanks for your help Ben, appreciate it! All understood

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