How do I move products to a different site/location?

There are two options for moving products in Breww.

Per product

If you want to move a small number of different products, the simplest method would be to head to the product’s page and then onto the Locations tab. You’ll then be able to click the button highlighted below to transfer to a different site.

Casks/kegs and smallpack with a Breww barcode

Containers can be moved between locations (or returned from customers) using the tool at ContainersActions & toolsReturn or move containers. You can either pick them from a list, or if you have a USB/Bluetooth barcode scanner, you can enter the scanned containers into the second tab on this page.

Additionally, the mobile app has a Containers tab (after Package and Deliveries), which allows you to quickly move containers by using the app’s built-in barcode scanner. Here you can choose which site and location you are moving containers to, then scan as many containers as you’d like.

If a scanned container is currently with a customer (according to Breww), it will be returned to the location selected as empty and ready to be refilled. If the container is currently filled and at a different location/site within Breww, it will be moved to the new location and remain filled and ready for sale. You may wish to try it with one container first to make sure that it’s working as expected.

Multiple products via a stock take

If there are many products to move, your quickest option would be via a stock take. Head to ProductsTools & reportsStock takes. Then follow the instructions to change product locations via a CSV/Excel file.

With both methods, if the products are duty-unpaid and they are transferred to a non-bonded site, an entry will automatically be made on your duty return for you.

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Hi there, is it possible to run a report on all the Locations changes/warehouse transfers? I couldn’t see one from the pre-built report section.


Hi Alice,

Thanks for raising this question on the community! Unfortunately, there is no report to do this at present, but I have just responded to your ticket on the same topic, and we may be able to create a CSV export of this information for you.

Hi Connor,

Hope you’re well. I didn’t have any ticket logged for this request, where did you email it in?
Many thanks,

Hi Alice,

Ah, it looks like you raised the ticket from your demo account rather than your main account, so you might not have seen my reply. I will re-raise it from my end to your main brewery account, and we can help you out with this.