Stock take per location

The new feature in order to do a stock take per site is a great improvement! I was hoping we could make it even better to be able to run it per site and per location?

I fear that a stock take by location may actually cause you problems. What are your thoughts on this:

If you have a keg (say K01) at location A, then you do a stock take for location A only and tell Breww that the keg isn’t there. Breww will empty the keg. If you then do a stock take a location B and tell Breww about K01 being there, Breww will fill it from empty again and mess up your figures/tracking. By doing the stock take for the entire site in one go, this would just have been moved from location A to location B.

What are your thoughts on this situation with a stock take by location?

We’re also quite excited about building Improve stock take to allow a web (non-CSV) based solution before we spend much more time on the spreadsheet-based stock take process, to be honest.

Hrmm get what you are saying. I wouldn’t even actually use it for location for products, i would use it more for stock items so i could have the brewery doing raw materials and the warehouse doing packaging stuff etc

Sorry for the slow reply, Justin; it’s been a very busy week!

In that case, maybe Sub-sections for stock takes to do some items at a time (split into Raw, POS, etc) would be a better fit, and I can close this in favor of that?

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