Stock take by site/location

Implement the ability to perform a stock take by site, rather than all stock at once.


very useful as we work across multiple sites but rarely co-ordinate our stock take time/dates

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Being able to count by sub-location rather than site would be ideal, and not all at once. For instance we could then count the finished goods at a different time than the raw materials - we usually count FG on the Friday and materials on the Sunday.

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Good news, everyone - this is now live :tada: When starting a stock take, you can now select which sites you’d like to include.

We hope that helps, but if you have any feedback, please let us know :slight_smile:

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Hi Melissa! Currently, you can only run a stock take for either finished goods or raw materials - so it’s already possible to perform the different stock take types at different times. Does the fact you can do this mean that you wouldn’t need the ability now to perform a stock take by location rather than site?

That’s really helpful, thanks so much for developing this!


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