Stock take csv - lines for inventory/products with no stock

The csv generated for the stock take only generates lines for items that the system thinks are in stock. I appreciate we can add new lines in if required, but it would be useful if lines were generated for items that are showing as out of stock. This way they wouldn’t get missed in the count, and could easily be corrected if they aren’t actually out of stock.

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Thanks Ben, I can see the benefit of this. Are you thinking just for the “Stock items” stock take, or for “Products” too?

We’d need to be careful that we don’t accidentally make the file more complicated with all these extra rows. We also currently will validate that all data is filled in, and so would have to either start to skip lines with just the item name and no other data (which might mean mistakes are more likely to slip through), or require you to remove all items listed with no other data. What’s your thoughts on this?

We’re also considering an app-based barcode scanning version of the stock take tool. Would this also be of interest to you? Or are you happy with the CSV approach?


In the end we managed to do our own version. We simply used the stock take csv, but then did another inventory report and pulled out all the zero value items. So then we had a list of zero rated stuff to check to ensure we hadn’t missed anything.

it worked fine, and there’s no problem with us keeping doing that.

For us a barcode scanning version probably wouldn’t be of much use right now. The main bulk of stock take is inventory which wouldn’t have a barcode. 2 pages products, 8 pages inventory.

However what would change my life is if the inventory receipt system was extended to generate barcode labels for goods-in received, and then these could be scanned when being added to a batch, or during stock takes - then that would be amazing. But I suspect a fairly large job.


Thanks Ben. We’ll keep the original feature request here in case it would be useful for others, but it’s great to hear you’ve got a good solution.

I really like the idea of the barcode labels on goods-in for use in stock tasks and adding to batches. I’ve split that onto another topic so we can track the two ideas separately.

A duplicate thread (Stock Takes Export doesn't contain Stock Items w/ zero inventory) has been raised for this, so if you voted for that one, please add your vote here instead. To keep everyone in one place, I’ve closed the other.

Following that other suggestion, would you just like one blank row per stock item? And so the site/location columns are empty? This would mean that you’d need to either fill in the site/location columns or delete the rows before the file could be re-imported.

And as @jason-weaver said on the other thread, you would need to be able to opt in or out of this on each stock take.

Finally, a workaround in the meantime is to take an export using the raw data explorer to get all your stock items.