Download stocktake csv

Thanks for the questions, Evan.

That’s right, Breww will only include rows for the current stock items to keep the file easier to manage. There’s been some other discussion on this before at Stock take csv - lines for inventory/products with no stock. We can see the pros and cons of including all other “possible” lines but feel that on balance these are best not included, especially if you have more than one location set up in Breww.

You can use the Raw Data Explorer for this, I’d suggest using the Stock items (inventory) starting point.

Yes, that’s right. When you import a stock take file, Breww will update your stock to match this file. This might include adding new stock, moving stock to different locations or removing stock completely. It’s worth noting that if you remove any lines from the file completely, these will be considered as out of stock when you process the import and be removed from your stock. If you’ve not already seen our Stock takes in Breww guide, it’s worth a read too.

If there’s anything else we can help with on this, please let us know :+1: