Stock take for previous months

Hi, I was wondering if there’s a way to produce a stock take for a specific date in the past?
The reason: I forgot to take Januarys stock take :sweat_smile: :man_facepalming:, and are currently going through the log of all the single ingredients/items to have a approx. figure. That works for stock items, but doesn’t for products:
e.g. I cant figure out easily how many bottles/keg of a particular beer i had at the end of last month.
Current temporary solution:
create and cancel a stock take of both products/items at the end of every month , to have a backlog.

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I think you’re in luck! Breww will take a monthly stock valuation for you :grinning: We do this automatically every month for you so you always have a snapshot of how things were and the start/end of each month.

If you head to Products > Tools & reports > Stock valuations, then you should be able to pull the information you need.

To be consistent with your previous valuations, you may need to export the data (there’s an export to CSV button) and filter, but this should allow you to get the quantities in stock of all stock items and products, along with what Breww has for their value.

You can set “Work in progress” values to add to your in-progress batches too if you’d like (for future stock valuations only) to help account for the effort that’s been put into batches that are in progress and have used ingredients. Of course, when you add ingredients to a batch, these go out of stock, but you still have them (in the beer) and they’re not value-less while the beer is fermenting (for example). These settings help you manage this, and this is something that “stock valuations” can do better than “stock takes”.

Just in case there’s any confusion, Breww calls “stock takes” the process where you count your stock and make any changes you need to, and “stock valuations” the count up of what you have in stock and record of its value. (You could of course get the value of your stock from a stock take too, which it sounds like you’ve been doing up to now. This is fine of course, but you might be able to take advantage of the more powerful features in the stock valuations tool, such as the in progress batch values.)

I hope this all makes sense and helps you get the information that you need :+1:

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That’s great, thanks!

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