Stock Takes Export doesn't contain Stock Items w/ zero inventory

The Stock Take export needs to contain all stock items, including ones that currently have zero inventory or at least make this an option. The point of doing a stock take is to reset your inventory to the proper numbers, its very possible that you have an stock item that you physically have inventory of but the system thinks you have zero. In this case, you need to manually add the row to the stock take export to record the change which is an unneeded step.

this is definitely something we’d like to use - it should be able to be turned on/off during each stock take to include or exclude zero quantity stock items please

Thanks for the suggestion and comments. There’s already a thread for this, so I’ll close this one, but if you’d like to see this feature, please give Stock take csv - lines for inventory/products with no stock a vote.

I’ve also commented on that thread, so any comments or feedback you have would be good on the other thread if possible. Cheers :+1: