Stock Packaged vs Stock Sold

It would be helpful if there was a report/a clear way of seeing the total of each product that has been racked and how much has been sold. For duty purposes and just as a way that any stock discrepancies balance out when the product has sold out.

Thanks Katy. There are a number of pre-built sales and packaging related reports, as well as the Custom Report Builder and Raw Data Explorer reports for Beer produced (rackings) and Products sold (order lines) which should be able to get you this data.

The Custom Report Builder gives you aggregates (such as totals by month) and Raw Data Explorer gives you all the raw data so you can manipulate it in Excel.

If these don’t cover what you need, can you let us know what specifically is missing and we can look at exposing this for you? Thank you.

I’ve been looking through the raw data explorer for beer produced (rackings) and am trying to find the field that shows the number of containers that have been filled for each product. I can see a total volume, but what I’m looking for is a count. For example, I can see that on 29 March we racked 7.62hl of one beer into 0.005hl smallpack, but I want to see that we racked 1524 units of 0.005hl smallpack instead.

@peter-burger have you seen the Initial product by batch report (in the Pre-built Production & inventory reports section)? This should show you what was packaged both in terms of volumes and number of products.