Packaged Stock Report


Hope you are well.

I want to send a stock report to the team before our production meeting, handy to see what we have in packaged stock for doing the brew plan. The report is great but it shows all stock even though some of it’s already allocated to orders that are not despatched? Is there a way to add this feature to the existing packaged-beer-current-stock report template?

Thanks, Louise

Thanks for the suggestion Louise.

We have the “Available products” report which is similar and does show the quantities available (assuming all outstanding orders are delivered). This one can be found in Products > Tools & reports > Available products report. This report doesn’t list items with no stock available at all, which is worth noting.

This report is a little different, so if it’s not suitable, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do to amend make this work for you. Thanks.