Value and counts of stock on site (allocated and non-allocated)

I can’t help feeling I am missing something really obvious in the reporting suite, but looking for a way of running a report that tells us the total value and count per SKU of what we have in stock for packaged beer, what we have sold but not yet shipped and as a result what we have available to sell.
I can see the stock valuation report that gives us the cost of stock items and any in production or completed batches. And we have the stock take that tells us what we physically have on site, alongside the product by beer tab that gives available in stock and what is on order, and the line item standard price.
Any way these can be combined so we can see where the total value is sitting at any one point? Helps to understand the value of sales waiting to be shipped v paid too?


The valuation report includes all stock at the brewery, including any allocated to orders but not left yet, as you mentioned. The valuation also splits SKUs by batch due to the differing costs between batches.
The ‘Products available for sale’ report (pre-built sales reports) will show you the current stock of products, minus any allocated to orders. Both of these reports are exportable, so you could combine them in Excel to give you the value of products available to sell. You can then compare to the total value given in the stock valuation to give you the value waiting to be shipped.
We don’t have a report to do this for you yet, I’m afraid, but you’re welcome to put in a feature request for this in the feature requests section of the community.
I hope this helps.