Weekly Available Stock Reporting (including retrospective)

Hi, is there a way to pull a report of available stock levels on a given day (e.g. how much product stock was available at 12am every Monday over a time period?). Not fussed on the actual time etc, would just be good to have a week by week comparison across all product lines. Thanks

Thanks for the question, Ellie.

Breww treats the stock of “Stock items” (things you buy in) and “Packaged beer” (what you produce from batches) differently. We have a report which does exactly what you’re looking for for Stock items, which can be found at ReportingPre-built production & inventory reportsInventory by date.

A similar report for packaged beer doesn’t exist yet, I’m afraid, but please do feel free to request it in a feature request and we can hopefully add this to Breww in the future. For more information on how feature requests work, please see 💡 Posting ideas & feature requests for Breww 💙.

Alternatively, you could use Stock Valuations to help with this (they cover both Stock items and Packaged beer). Breww will automatically run a stock valuation for you each month, but you can manually run one whenever you’d like. You can view and run stock valuations at ReportingPre-built production & inventory reportsStock valuations. This can be exported to Excel, so you could take an export each week on the Monday morning (ideally before any deliveries are completed) and compare them in Excel if required.

Does this cover what you’re looking for?