Stock availability forecast for multipack products such as 24 packs

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We do not use single smallpack as unit of trade at all - we think in boxes and kegs. As such we’ve already made single smallpack units obsolete so they won’t show up in a lot lists.

With forecasting (and the occassional other reports) they show up again which is quite confusing. I would request to add a feature that allows you to forecast in multipack products.

Thanks, this is a great suggestion for sure!

The stock availability forecast report doesn’t technically show products at all, it’s a report of combinations of beers and container types. This way all products sold or planned to be packaged can be fitted into the same list and normalised to a single instance of a beer in a container type (e.g. Beer A - 330ml can).

I can see how if you only ever sold or produced 330ml cans in packs of 24 (for example), then viewing this report as e.g. 15 packs of 24 would be more meaningful than seeing 360 cans. This would get extremely complicated when dealing with mixed-packs, e.g. 3 cans of Beer A and 3 cans of Beer B, and this is one of the main reasons why the report currently normalises all sales and planned packaging into their base container type.

It may be that a good solution would be to normalise everything into their base container, as we do now, then if you have a product that is 24 cans, we take the number calculated and convert this to “packs”. This would certainly make things easier at a glance if you only ever sell in 24 packs.

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Whatever works :slight_smile:

I had a simlar issue today where I was checking the inventory of a multipack product and confused 24 in the stock breakdown with 24 boxes instead of 1 box for the batch. A newbie mistake, but here as well I am really only interested in seeing how many boxes I have in stock - not the amount single smallpacks that are in the boxes

I am also noticing that the nice forecasting graph only shows up on the product pages of single cans and kegs, would be great to have it with multipacks as well.

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