How can I remove products from a price book?

not sure if I’m just being really blind or stupid, but where do we actually add or remove products from the price books now? there used to be a list you could go in and mark the tick box to add or remove them but I just cant see that now.

Thanks for the question, Andrew. All products should be shown on the main price book page, in either the “Prices” section or the “Inherited prices” section. Those shown in the “Prices” section are taking a price directly from this price book, and those in the inherited section are getting their price from the parent price book.

If you’d like to add a set price for a product on this price book, find it in the list (either in the “Prices” or “Inherited prices” section) and click the right-most button to set a price for it manually. See the Setting explicit prices section of the above guide.

To help you find a product on the page, you can use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to search product names (or Cmd + F on a Mac).

I hope this answers your question, but please let us know if you still need help. Thank you!

so the problem we’re having is that when we create a new product, for example a new lager, I want to add some multipacks to one price book, and maybe a different multipack to another. I can’t find where in the price book that I can turn on or off that product like we could previously. before I went to edit and there was a list of products and I could just tick a box to turn it on or off in that price book and now there is just a list of products and pricing options

Hi Luke,
I’m having the same problem as Andrew above, nothing to do with changing the price. You used to be able to exclude products from certain price lists - say for example “bottles only customers” in one price list that would go to retail and only have the bottled products and then say another price list with just cask beer in that went to pubs etc - is that not available now?
cheers john

Hi everyone,

I’ve moved this thread over to a separate post and simplified it to avoid confusion when others have the same question and read this post, as there was a bit of back and forth before we fully understood the question!

In the old price books feature, you could ‘add’ products to a price book and give them a specific price or discount. Only those products were shown on the price book’s page. Any products not affected directly by the price book were not shown, but would still be able to be sold on this price book - their prices would be inherited from the parent price book.

The same is true for the new price books feature; the only difference is that the prices not directly affected by the price book are not hidden, but are shown in the ‘Inherited prices’ section, along with where the price is being inherited from. This is the only difference regarding ‘adding/removing’ products from a price book between the old and the new feature.

Just to ensure I’ve answered your query correctly, what was it that you thought was now not possible with the new price books feature? Was it that excluding a product from a price book would stop it from being sold? This was never the case, it simply meant the price was inherited. We added the ‘Inherited prices’ section on the updated feature to clarify this.

I hope this helps!

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