How can I remove products from a price book?

not sure if I’m just being really blind or stupid, but where do we actually add or remove products from the price books now? there used to be a list you could go in and mark the tick box to add or remove them but I just cant see that now.

Thanks for the question, Andrew. All products should be shown on the main price book page, in either the “Prices” section or the “Inherited prices” section. Those shown in the “Prices” section are taking a price directly from this price book, and those in the inherited section are getting their price from the parent price book.

If you’d like to add a set price for a product on this price book, find it in the list (either in the “Prices” or “Inherited prices” section) and click the right-most button to set a price for it manually. See the Setting explicit prices section of the above guide.

To help you find a product on the page, you can use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to search product names (or Cmd + F on a Mac).

I hope this answers your question, but please let us know if you still need help. Thank you!

so the problem we’re having is that when we create a new product, for example a new lager, I want to add some multipacks to one price book, and maybe a different multipack to another. I can’t find where in the price book that I can turn on or off that product like we could previously. before I went to edit and there was a list of products and I could just tick a box to turn it on or off in that price book and now there is just a list of products and pricing options

Hi Luke,
I’m having the same problem as Andrew above, nothing to do with changing the price. You used to be able to exclude products from certain price lists - say for example “bottles only customers” in one price list that would go to retail and only have the bottled products and then say another price list with just cask beer in that went to pubs etc - is that not available now?
cheers john

Hi everyone,

I’ve moved this thread over to a separate post and simplified it to avoid confusion when others have the same question and read this post, as there was a bit of back and forth before we fully understood the question!

In the old price books feature, you could ‘add’ products to a price book and give them a specific price or discount. Only those products were shown on the price book’s page. Any products not affected directly by the price book were not shown, but would still be able to be sold on this price book - their prices would be inherited from the parent price book.

The same is true for the new price books feature; the only difference is that the prices not directly affected by the price book are not hidden, but are shown in the ‘Inherited prices’ section, along with where the price is being inherited from. This is the only difference regarding ‘adding/removing’ products from a price book between the old and the new feature.

Just to ensure I’ve answered your query correctly, what was it that you thought was now not possible with the new price books feature? Was it that excluding a product from a price book would stop it from being sold? This was never the case, it simply meant the price was inherited. We added the ‘Inherited prices’ section on the updated feature to clarify this.

I hope this helps!

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I’m new to Breww and in the middle of importing products. I don’t know if I’ve misunderstood this thread but it sounds similar to an issue I have.
Our existing system allows us to just put relevant prices in so one price list for a particular customer (there are always a few with their own dedicated pricing annoyingly) might only have 3 or 4 products associated with it. If I’m doing this right I have to put a price in for that product against every price list. I’m defaulting it to our basic trade price just in case but it would be good to have the option not to allocate that product to that price list.
If I can do this easily I’d love to know how. I don’t want to put £0 because it would be sod’s law that we’d want to sell to that customer and we’d end up giving it away for free because sales admin didn’t spot it!

As long as you have a base price book with prices for every product, you can create a derived price book (extending your base price book) with prices only set for the 3 or 4 products mentioned. Then you won’t have to worry about setting a price for the rest of your products, or have them accidentally sell for £0 (as they will have been taken care of by the base price book).

For example, say you have a ‘Trade’ price book, defining prices for every product. Then, a customer gets a discount on three specific products. What you would do is create a new derived price book for that customer, which uses ‘Standard Price’ as the parent price book. Then, set a price for each of the three products (either an explicit price or via a discount rule). You can leave the rest of the products untouched, and they’ll show as the ‘Inherited prices’. When this customer orders one of the three discounted products, their specific price book will define the price. If they were to order a different product, their specific price book wouldn’t have a price, so it would fall back and be inherited from the parent price book (which stops it from accidentally being £0).

I hope this clears it up for you, but let me know if not!

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Hi Matt

No it doesn’t clear it up, there has been too much focus on prices and not products on the thread and a bit of confusion.

Previous to the price book update when we created a new price book for a customer we could manually select what products are included are included within the product list. However now only have the option of excluding a product is from the drop down menus to either exclude a type or container in bulk.

There is a drop down for individual product exclusion but it is not as user friendly as the previous method. See attached for what I believe we all mean.

Hi Rodger,

I think there has been some confusion between price books and price lists. To be fair, they could probably do with being named more differently. Price books, which is what this thread is about, is where you set prices for your products. Your screenshot is from price lists, where you generate a list of specific products and view prices in a customer-friendly format - which you can send off to your customers.
You should use a price book when you want to set your prices and should use a price list when you want to provide a nicely presented list of products and prices to your customers. That’s why the price list feature has product exclusion fields, rather than inclusion.

Going back to the mention of the price book update, the adding/removing of products on price books functions exactly the same as before, but is just laid out slightly differently. You still manually select which products are included, in the form of a rule - you can still include products from a list:

Please let me know if you’re still unsure about anything here.


if it helps anybody else, my initial query on the subject sounds similar to what your current issues are.
and for us it was a case of thinking the price lists and price books are what the customer can and cant see to order. to make sure the product is not visible to buy for certain customers, you have to make a customer rule, that hides what they can see on the trade store (if that’s what you’re using).
it takes a bit of boring repetitive setting up, but once it’s done initially its easy to keep on top of.

for example, we make a house beer for one customer, that means we have to make a rule for all other customer groups and on those groups that specific beer is hidden.

hope that helps


Thanks @andrew-macneilage, you’re absolutely right and thanks for helping to explain this :pray:

For the absesne of any confusion:

  • All products can be ordered via all price books. Price books cannot be used to stop someone from buying a product.
  • If you wish to prevent some customers from ordering some products, this can be done (for the Trade Store) with Trade Store rules. This cannot be done (at the time of writing) for manual orders.
  • If you apply a rule to a price book, this will mean the price change associated with the rule (e.g. a discount) only applies to those products. All other products (that are not covered by the rule criteria) will still be on the price book (at the price of the parent price book).

Did a feature request ever get done for this? Strikes me it would be really useful to hide some products from sales for some customers.

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Nothing has been built for this yet. I don’t believe it ever made it as a formal feature request as there was a bit of confusion as to how things worked when we released the price books update.
It is possible to hide products from customer-facing features like the Trade Store and customer price lists, but this is done in these individual features, not in price books. Then, of course, a bit of human input is needed to maintain this in manual orders placed in Breww. So I can see how it would be useful to add something there.

Okie dokie. Will do a FR

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