Price Book with percentage discount tailored to product type


I want to be able to create a price book where draught products receive a 15% discount from the base price and smallpack receives a 10% discount - is there a way of doing this without having to manually edit the prices in a “normal” price book each time we have a new product?

The problem being it relies on someone remembering to edit prices for new products and if they’re missed customers being overcharged.



This would be a great feature for us too. I have a price book setup where it is manually discounted 10% for keg and 5% for can. Would be really great to add this feature. :beers:

Hi All,

At the moment, this would have to be done manually.
We’re planning a bit of an overhaul to price books, with quite a few improvements and additions, including what you’ve mentioned above. We hope to fit this in in the short term, but it is a sizeable task. I’ll keep you all updated!



Hi Matt
That’s good news.
Cheers, Gemma.

Hi Matt. Adding onto Gemma’s post on different price books according to beer format, I would be keen to know how to apply create a single price book that has different differential rules applied to it?

i.e. 1-3 casks/kegs = no discount, 4-7 casks/kegs = x% discount, 8+ casks/kegs = y% discount AND 1-3 smallpack = no discount, 4-5 smallpack = x% discount, 6+ smallpack = y% discount

So different volume rules apply when discounting between casks/kegs of beer and boxes of beer, and ideally there would be a price book that can reflect those automated differentials, so I can just add my casks and boxes of beers all into one order and it can automatically apply the relevant volume discounts without me having to do so manually.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Many thanks!


Yes, that makes sense. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment but will certainly be possible with our advanced price book update. I’m hoping to start working on this within the next week or so. I’ll keep you all updated!


Hi Matt,

just wondering if there is a way to add discounts within the price book on particular products we are running promotions on?

i.e. if we have a sale of 20% off traditional ales, would this have to be added manually when adding products to orders, or is there a way for this discount to be automatically applied?

Cheers :beers:

Hey Ellen,
With the current price books feature, if you want a 20% off traditional ales price book, you’ll need to create a new discount price book for this. However, if you want this to be in addition to other pricing/discounts, this will need to be added manually (either as specified prices to the price book or directly to the order) as you can’t currently have multiple different discounts on the same price book. I hope this makes sense, but if not, feel free to create a support ticket and let me know a specific price book and an example product, and I’ll run you through a specific example in your account.

An override % on a price book would be extremely helpful. We have certain products that always have a higher % discount for certain customers (on top of their base discount) but this has to be done manually for every order placed, which leaves it open to human error.


Hi everyone,
We’ve just released a large update to price books! Please see the announcement here:

We hope this covers what you need!